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Afnan Ashraf
Afnan Ashraf
International Indian School,dammam
Funny Products
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
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1. Barium+Sodium+Sodium
   Ba   +Na  +Na=BANANA.
2. Oxygen+Radium+Nitrogen+Germanium
   O +  Ra  +N  +Ge =ORANGE.
3. Flourine+Iodine+Sulphur+Hydrogen
  F  +I +S +H =FISH.
4. Cobalt+Calcium+Cobalt+Lanthanium
  Co +Ca +Co +La =COCACOLA.
  7U +P=7UP.
6. Sulphur+Lithium+Cerium
  S +Li +Ce =SLICE.
7. Oxygen+Nitrogen+Iodine+Oxygen+Nitrogen
  O +N +I +O +N =ONION.
8. Lithium+Oxygen+Nitrogen
  Li +O +N =LION.

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Comments 9
Soha Agree wit Ashna! Soha
Jan 4th 2013
Sehar Just a big *WoW* for this awsome thing Sehar
Oct 31st 2012
hafsa Cool!!!!!!!!!!! awesome.. u & ur frend did a gr8 job! Hafsa
Jul 9th 2012
RAYYAN Nice :p Rayyan
Jul 7th 2012
Ashna Pretty cool....sounds like the perfect activity to do when ur bored!!:) Ashna
Apr 8th 2012
AFNAN Yea.....I and my friend created it!!! Afnan
Apr 6th 2012
Urooj OwsUmmmm i love it.......... Urooj
Mar 28th 2012
Ashna Lol....that is soooo funny. Did you make these up? Ashna
Mar 26th 2012
fatima Coolll!! 8) where did you find them?? Fatima
Mar 26th 2012

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