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Amanda Bynes
Amanda Bynes
D.h.a College
Do We Reeally Live In 2012?
Published On Feb 17th 2012
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We live in 2012. Seriously? I don't think so! It’s just the counting which tells us that we live in 2012. But actually we're still in past 80's and 90's , even they were better. Can't u see bomb blasts and people dying every-day? If u're blind then you can listen to people crying around you. We are losing our youth.. Our parents teach us social studies & Pakistan studies that how our famous personalities laid their lives for the sake of our beloved country. And now when it’s our turn to return we're not even allowed to raise our voices. They don’t allow us to bring any change. The only thing we hear from them is "No Beta They'll kill you”! We’re loosing everything. Is it that only our Pak Army is responsible for the protection of our country? We don't have any responsibilities???  Each passing day, I count the numbers of the victims in Karachi. The breaking news sessions and those illiterate people fighting over totally absurd things. Why are these butchers of humanity not taken to task? how long will we remain victims of violence and remain silent about such killings??? If a Police man gets the target of a shot they are called "SHAHEED" but when a normal person becomes the target and gets into pieces and is thrown in "BORI" no-one even notices.. WHY?  Are we that much helpless? Who will bring the change? no one is gonna come from an outer space to help us. We ourselves have to bring the change. We so have to do something for our LOVE..! For the sake of the time we've spent here, for our childhood, for our ancestor’s sacrifices! We can't let their beautiful green dream go red just like that! today u're listening "someone" has died , tomorrow that "someone" can be you or even that can be the person u love most. Don't criticize the politicians , they've the power , they can do whatever they want to..we the citizens of Karachi , Lahore , Islamabad etc have more power than those politicians . If someone is supposed to be blamed that’s "US(we)" we have no right to say a single word against the government. At least they're doing something. But what are we doing? this is the time to stand up for our country . We need to change the opinion of the world. We need to stand up for our religion, tell the world Islam is about Love, Equality and Brotherhood not violence and suicide bombings. Who are these people to give their opinions about Pakistan and Islam anyway? They have never lived in Pakistan, never read the Quran, what gives them the right to judge our country and our religion?  Small things will make a big difference. "SPEAK UNTIL JUSTICE WAKES" If you cannot do anything then for god's sake don’t speak badly against our government. Making our people understand the situation is just a hard nut to crack. Do u still think u live in 2012? Well it’s just the beginning. I really hope u had a great sleep in 2011. Hope to see any change in 2012..! Be Safe! *peace*
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Comments 16
Kulsoom Hmm..directioner and directionators,huh??True ones too!! PS.This article was great :) Kulsoom
Jul 29th 2015
Amanda Of course a Directioner :) Amanda
Nov 29th 2012
Zainab Hey Amanda! Directioner or a directionator? ^_^ Zainab
Nov 20th 2012
Amanda Oh yes ! That I am:D A true directioner <3 Amanda
Aug 7th 2012
hafsa U and ur words r rite...................people who love our country wishes to do alot but...............! ur words r emotional .. i love it and i guess ur a directioner:D Hafsa
Jul 3rd 2012
Amanda Thankyou :) Amanda
Apr 7th 2012
tazeen I love it...u had write it very cute.i love it, KEEP OWN Tazeen
Apr 6th 2012
Amanda Thank you people :) Amanda
Apr 5th 2012
Ashna Wow...nice article. Very persuasive. Ashna
Mar 17th 2012
Mar 12th 2012
ibrahim Mashalllah!great article.........gr8........u r right we only need peace....:) Ibrahim
Mar 11th 2012
fatima Mashallah i loved it Fatima
Mar 3rd 2012
Rafeh I can do anything if my parents give me the freedom to.I completely agree with your words.NICE TOPIC. Rafeh
Feb 27th 2012
Urooj Wa000 i l0ve ur ariticle n writng style............its gr8.........u r absultely winner Urooj
Feb 19th 2012
Zainab WOW , superb ... I am impressed.. i think we should realize this, we really need to do something for our beloved country ! HATS OFF. Zainab
Feb 18th 2012
Kulsoom Yes, I agree with u.. Kulsoom
Feb 17th 2012

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