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Arshia Tahir
Arshia Tahir
Liaquat College
My Little Angel Brother
Published On Feb 17th 2012
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We do not need to yell in front of Allah, because he even knows the silent prayers of our heart.

This sentence uttered from the mouth of our Islamiat teacher that entirely changed my life.

I though to myself that how angry and aggressive I have been when Allah did not fulfill my desire of having a little brother. But now I came to know that I was wrong.

I used to wakeup at night, keeping my desire of a little brother in front of Allah. Tears rolling down my eyes. It has been a year following this practice but nothing has proved fruitful for me.

I used to be at a fit of anger whenever someone asked me about my siblings and I used to say that I had none. I used to say bad things on everybody’s back yet this little wish of mine left me incomplete and lonely.

Once a dreamt of promising Allah that I will leave my worst habit of backbiting only if I was given a brother. When I woke up I really promised Allah about leaving my bad habit and implementing good things in my life. Soon things got better. I was gifted with a little angel brother.

His blue eyes as if showed the beauty of the nature, his blushing pink cheeks were so soft, his twinkling smile revealed his ever-lasting innocence.

Days passed by, my brother was of eleven months.

Suddenly, at one night, he began to breathe violently, looking as if he demanded for resuscitation. Instate of horror, I rushed to the study lobby where my parents were seated taking about both of their children pleasant and bright future. But suddenly my mother started to sob.

I heard her saying that such an innocent little baby cant die so soon just because of a hole in his heart.

I immediately felt as if the surface below my feet just vanished and the earth’s canopy just blasted. I interrupted their discussion and told them about the state of my brother.

My brother was taken to the hospital as soon as possible but it was too late because he died while he was taken to the emergency.

The three of us felt a shock and a sudden pain down our spines. Later that day, I was in an uncontrollable state. Tears rolled down my eyes in a flow as if I had stored them for some bad day. I performed ablution and stood in front of Allah. Questioning about such an incident that I never thought of. I had a hunch to break my promise. But no! I had to keep stick on to it.

It was my little brother who came on earth from heaven to only bring me on the righteous path and went back to paradise as if like an angel.

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Comments 24
Tooba Very sad and heart touching is this true Tooba
Jul 6th 2014
Arshia Aww...thak u every body,... Arshia
Jan 9th 2013
Amna I really feel sad for it Arshia baji:((((( Amna
Jan 5th 2013
Soha Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh! Arisha! Really heart touching story! Believe me, There are tears in my eyes! Soha
Dec 7th 2012
Arshia I came to know my brother's death just one day before eid-ul-fitr previous year.! all eid was rotten Arshia
Apr 3rd 2012
nahla I feel so sad for you Nahla
Mar 15th 2012
Arshia Alina. did u know that blue house lost the cricket match at sports day????? i was in the blue house team.... very depressing..... Arshia
Mar 7th 2012
Fatima Abdul A very hearttouching and an excellent story. Fatima Abdul
Feb 26th 2012
alina I'll try my best!!! Alina
Feb 25th 2012
Bareera Really fantastic Bareera
Feb 25th 2012
Arshia Be good to your siblings people. some naughty ones are soo cute.... Arshia
Feb 23rd 2012
Arshia Thanks for your appreciation every body..... Alina... we have our urdu class in the primary session.. its on monday 9 to 10 u can come there. Arshia
Feb 23rd 2012
fatima Really as every body said its very heart touchy really really beautiful story........fabulous!!! this story forces me to log in and comment. excellent story! Fatima
Feb 21st 2012
Momina Your sibling really died! I am so sorry. Tears have come in my eyes after reading your heart-touching story, but when I read your comment! I feel sooooooooooooooo bad. I felt (may the following words not come true) as if MY brother had died. I'm sorry to say, I like my brother (who's 5 years old) better than my younger sister (8 years old). I am ten years old, so I am the oldest sibling in my family. Momina
Feb 21st 2012
Zuhaa I also want a sister and have two naughty brother but ALHAMDULLAH such thing never happen with me. Zuhaa
Feb 21st 2012
Aiman Heart touching story.EXCELLENT,FANTASTIC,MAGNIFICENT.One of the best stories. Aiman
Feb 21st 2012
alina That;s really sad to know.. Do you know any girl named Ramsha in A-level? An yes I can meet you in primary break time.. Alina
Feb 20th 2012
Arshia This story is partially true, because my sibling did died but not because of a hole in his heart Arshia
Feb 20th 2012
Arshia Jazak Allah, i was wondering Alina that where have you been for so long? I am in Alevel Maria. No Alina i am not in throw ball team, i really wanna be in cricket team if there has been one... Arshia
Feb 20th 2012
Wajeeha Aswm.. very touching! Wajeeha
Feb 19th 2012
alina Really, Its an heart touching story. Fantastic! Is this story true? Actually I was very very busy in papers and school. Are you in A-level Throw Ball team? If yes than let me know. And Maria what is your cousin's full name? Alina
Feb 19th 2012
kashmala my heart was deeply touched after reading this!!!! a very good moral and an completely new idea.. Kashmala
Feb 18th 2012
Maria I just wanna ask that in which class u read in dawood public school cuz my couzin study there in class 6c or d her name is syeda ayesha Maria
Feb 17th 2012
Ahmed Hearttouching Ahmed
Feb 17th 2012

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