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Fabayha Hasan
Fabayha Hasan
Beacon House School System
Believe In Your Actions
Published On Feb 17th 2012
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I am an ordinary person like you but one thing is different, my fate and yours. We cannot rely on our fate, this is not at all trustworthy and this fate has no particular destination and can leave you anywhere. If you want your success you cannot be dependent on it, you have to fight with your fate. If you want to change your fate you need to believe in yourself. Be quick it is not yet late, it is not your fates final decision. You have time but you need to understand it before your time runs out and you are late.
Your fate can be changed
If you want it to be changed
I believe your actions, can change your fate
Understand it before you are late
Your actions can show you the reactions
Believe in your actions
Don’t surrender it’s in your hand
To change your fate, you have to stand
Against the world and your fate
Before your identity’s extinction
You have to stand
Against the world
It’s in your hand
Believe in your actions
You have to fight
For your rights
So believe in yourself and your actions

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Comments 3
fabayha Thanks guys for appreciating......... :D Fabayha
Aug 12th 2012
Disenchanted. AWESOM!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) Disenchanted.
Mar 4th 2012
Laiba Very well written, good job... Laiba
Feb 19th 2012

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