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Wafa Waheed
Wafa Waheed
Waheed Academy
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
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Islam laid great emphasis on the cleanliness of body along with cleanliness of mind. Spiritual Purification: Spiritual purification is purification of one's soul and mind of all the evil thoughts and ideas. One cannot achieve love of Allah if one's soul is not purged of all the impurities. Internal purification may be attained by a cleanliness of body, cloths and place. Allah says, "And your garments keep free from stain"(Q-Al-Muddathir 74:4)
Cleanliness of tongue, by avoiding bad habits and back biting, lying, doing harm to other people etc. The Prophet (saw) said: "A Muslim is the one from whose tongue and hands other Muslims are safe". (Sahih Bukhari)
Mental cleanliness is attained by avoiding jealously, hatred, super situations, pride, evil thoughts and greed etc."And shun all abomination". (Q-Al-Muddathir: 74:5)
Keeping the mind free from thoughts beside Allah, eating lawful food Purification of soul requires a great deal of effort on the part of the man and its most elementary stage is the purity of the body.                                                                                         Physical cleanliness: It comprises in;
Wudu: In case of miner impurity like passing of wind, urine and stool etc. A Muslim prepares himself for prayers by making wudu.
Bath: In case of major impurity a Muslim must take a bath to clean his body. The Prophet (saw)said "Allah does not accept prayers without purification."(Muslim and Ibn Majah)
Cleanliness of cloths and ground:                                                                                                                                                                                                   The cloths and the ground should be kept clean. One should not urinate on road side, under the shade of tree or stagnant water. The Prophet (Peace be upon him) said, "None of you should urinate in a bathing place." (Ahmed, Abu Dawud, Al-Tirmidhi)
The Prophet (Peace be upon him) stressed on the Muslims to do Miswak (cleaning teeth) with every wudu.
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Wafa Thankyou!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!vshine.I am really happy.I do my best.I am happy because this is my first article.I am really thankful to you. Wafa
Mar 27th 2012

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