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Hammad Khan
Hammad Khan
Beaconhouse School System F-11/4, Islamabad,pakistan
Stealing Of The Clock
Published On Feb 14th 2012
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Once there lived a pixie his name was James. He loved clocks but he did not has one. One day he was passing by Mrs Goody's (she was his neighbour) house he heard an alarm of a clock so he sneaked in the house making sure nobody was seeing him. There he saw two clocks on Mrs Goody’s dining table he picked one and ran away to his house as quick as lightning. He put the clock in his bedroom under his bed but while he was doing this he heard the bell of his house. He thought that the clock was not save under the bed so he put him in trash can. When he had got down stair there was his friend standing angrily because James had not opened the door for about ten minutes so James made his friend lemonade to drink. While his friend was drinking he heard a loud ringing sound he almost spill the lemonade on his cloths. He asked James" What is that sound?” James said "It must be the cat he is a silly one". His friend said “It’s time for me to go to home meet u later". James ran upstairs and was angry with the clock but he still kept him there. He got down stairs and again the clock started to ring. James friend had told everything about the mysterious sound to Mrs Goody. Mrs Goody thought that James had stolen the clock so she went in front of James home pretending she was going for a walk. When she heard the noise she called out "James what is that sound of?”. James answered "It is the cat i am putting her in this trash bin". Mrs Goody said going in his house "You naughty child how could you put a cat in a trash bin?” She ran upstairs and towards James bed room. When she entered she looked very angry. She took hold of James collar and pulled him back. She pulled the lid of the trash can and there was her clock. She said "I know you stole my clock James". She scolded James as much as she could and after that James never stole other people things.
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Comments 8
Hammad Thank you every one Hammad
Nov 26th 2012
Saba Good keep it up Saba
Feb 28th 2012
Mohammad Mustafa .. Mohammad Mustafa
Feb 26th 2012
Bareera Gud 1 Bareera
Feb 25th 2012
Aiman Guddy gud Aiman
Feb 21st 2012
Laiba GuD!!! Laiba
Feb 19th 2012
Momina Awesome story. there are a lot of grammatical mistakes, but awesome try! Momina
Feb 17th 2012
Wajeeha Nyc story Wajeeha
Feb 15th 2012

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