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Syed Maaz Bin Qamar
Syed Maaz Bin Qamar
Yanbu International School (yis)
Alexander The Empire
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
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History has accepted many great rulers, and one of them was Alexander. As a ruler, he made many conquests and united it to make it an empire. His empire was among the world’s largest empire in the world. Alexander took over various parts of the three continents known as, Africa, Asia, and Europe. His kingdom stretched from Egypt in Africa, Greek and other Mediterranean countries in Europe, and Iran till India in Asia.
Alexander started his conquest from Macedonia and then conquered Anatolia, Phoenicia and all of the civilizations that now known as Turkey. Since Alexander’s father, Philip, already had taken over Greece, Alexander does not go there. As a result, he started his empire by moving south in the city of Troy. He conquered the remains of Anatolia and went to the Taurus Mountains – a mountain pass- for a break. There, Alexander was swimming in the Cyndus river and he almost die of an infection from Malaria. It was a type of cold which made an infection in his respiratory system. He did recover from it, but the aftershocks remained. They kept occurring as a fever and that could be the cause of his death.
Afterwards, Alexander went to the country of Gorium. There, Alexander conquered an unbelievable land which no one was able to conquer. Alexander showed people how to do it and he untied the knot of Gorium. It was a metaphor used to describe a knot which ties the dignity of the city. Then, Alexander dominated the city of Phoenician called Tyre and killed most of the native people who disobeyed him. This city was located on an island and that is why Alexander had difficulties capturing that city. On the other hand, people were the main blockade of that city. It took Alexander about thirteen years to dominate it. Since he was angry with the people, he killed all of the people who went against his force.
After conquering many parts of Europe, Alexander needed to plan ahead. He moved south in search of a good trading centre and a city from where he could control his empire. That city was Alexandria and that is from where Alexander communicated in Macedonia and other regions of his empire. History is very pliant, and has its truths and lies, and that is why it is not always accurate. It is because history tells us that Alexander’s men use to go out in Egypt to look for a commercial city which can help them in their empire. Since it was their vital city, Alexandria became popular in Alexander’s empire and caused a huge influence over its empire. Due to the fact that it was a trade centre for Africa, Asia, and Europe, the Greek culture, combined with other cultures, spread. This blending of culture was known as Hellenistic culture. Through this, the Greek’s culture, their traditions, and their ideas were introduced to the rest of the world.
When Alexander came in Egypt, he was crowned as a pharaoh because Alexander freed them from Persians. People gave him a lot of respect and that’s why the king of Egypt gave everything to Alexander, giving away everything he had. Alexander accepted this from the king and then, people crowned him as their pharaoh, or god-king. When Alexander was roaming around the Egypt, he and his crew were highly influenced by Egyptian’s culture. However, Alexander started planning for moving east and continued his journey.
When Alexander was in Europe, he encountered Darius several times. But when he moved east, in the Persian Empire, Alexander found out that Darius was murdered by his own governor. Consequently, Alexander became the king of Persian Empire. He then found the daughter and the wife of Darius. Alexander treated them nicely and soon married the daughter of Darius, Roxanna. Alexander dashed in South East Asia and faced his last major battle against the Indian king, Porus. This was the last major battle Alexander fought. It turned out to be a tough one for Alexander because he lost his favourite horse, Bucephalus. This was the great loss of Alexander because it was his favourite horse. Alexander then named the founded city, Bucephalus, after his horse. It is located in modern-day Pakistan.  From this point on, Alexander’s army was tired and wanted to go back. When he came back to Babylon, Alexander died from a fever.
The great ruler, Alexander, conquered many parts of the world. His empire starts from his home country, Macedonia, till the Indus Valley. Even though he faced many challenges, Alexander did not give up and continued on. The reason behind his success was his loyalty and kindness towards other people. It is often said that whatever Alexander conquered, he let them keep their traditions/cultures to themselves. He just wanted to conquer as much land as he can without any destroying their culture. So, these techniques gave him a control of such a big empire which stretched from Europe, into Africa and moving deep into east, till Indus valley.

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Arouba Very informative.... great article, indeed! Arouba
Apr 27th 2013
Urooj Inf0rmative...u have c0nsume g00d time on this article.... Urooj
Mar 28th 2012
Ashna Yeah...i've heard about him. Wasn't he also called alexander the Great? Greta article btw!!! Ashna
Mar 26th 2012

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