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Aiman Akhtar
Aiman Akhtar
Someone Loved You 1400 Years Ago
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
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1400 years back, somebody loved you, when you were not even there. Somebody cried for you many nights asking Allah for your forgiveness. He was worried about you, wanted to save you from anything bad. He wanted nothing but jannah for you. He had wives, children, friends but it was your NAME that he kept on repeating till his last breat ; umati umati ( my Ummah). What have we done in response to our prophet (P.B.U.H) love? Let’s try to follow his sunnah so that we can show our love for him ........................The Prophet of this last and final prophetic era is Prophet Muhammad and his followers (Muslims) are the final set of believers and are titled the Ummah of Prophet Muhammad the Last and Final Messenger. On the Day of Judgement everyone will be worried for themselves except our beloved Prophet who will be concerned about his Ummah. Every Prophet has used their one Guaranteed Dua (supplication) in their lifetime except Prophet Muhammad . Prophet Muhammad bearing all hardship has reserved his Guaranteed Dua so that he can use it in the Intercession of his Ummah on the Day of Judgement.
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Comments 10
Amna Fabulous..... Amna
Dec 19th 2012
arifa Awsum work, dude! and Hogwarts, eh! :D <3 Harry Potter! :) Arifa
Oct 7th 2012
hafsa Awesome jobb!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! can see your effort:) Hafsa
Jul 9th 2012
Shahamah Good job Shahamah
May 28th 2012
Emaan Oooooo! Emaan
May 21st 2012
Aiman @urooj : Frankly , no :P .. I just liked the first part of hp but too much imagination freaks me out . I am more of a practical person and as far as the school is concerned , I just wanted to have something different from everyone over here . So , I just named my school hogwarts. Aiman
Mar 29th 2012
Urooj Owsumm.........1 thing i wannna ask that r u hp fan.....???????cuz ur sk0ll name......any way i 2 wanna be student of howgorts... Urooj
Mar 28th 2012
fatima Great!!! really nice! Fatima
Mar 26th 2012
Aiman Aww... thanks :) Aiman
Mar 25th 2012
Ashna Wow...that really great!!! GREAT JOB!!! Ashna
Mar 24th 2012

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