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Habiba Hamid
Habiba Hamid
Jaffar Public School
And I Lost My Heart
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
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I had desperately been waiting. Waiting, to hold her in my arms and talk to her. When she called to say she was coming home, I went mad with delight. I decorated the house, cooked her favourite food and invited all friends and families for her welcome party. And then, I waited for her arrival.
Hours passed and I went sick with worry. Suddenly, the doorbell rang. I ran to the door. There on the porch lay a note. With trembling hands, I took it. My daughter had been abducted! My whole world fell apart and I fainted.
When I gained consciousness, people had gathered around me. I ignored them and wept my heart out. If only I had not given into her. Only, I was to blame. People consoled me and hugged me but I was unaware of them. Slowly, they began to leave and my thoughts drifted back to the day that I bid her farewell.
It was almost midnight. There was a lot of humidity; I decided to go for a nocturnal stroll in the moonlit garden. There, my daughter approached me. I was surprised to see her up too late as she was very concerned of her studies and had not taken a day off since school had started. As she came forward, I sensed that something was wrong.
She would wring her hands from time to time, look down, then at me as if she was ashamed of something. I called out to her. Hearing my voice, she stopped in her tracks. I rushed to her side and found tears in her eyes. I was startled. I took her inside, all the time asking the reason behind those tear laden eyes, but she would constantly say, ‘I didn’t know what to do mum. I’m really sorry.’
Once in my bedroom, I handed her a glass of water to stop her crying hysterically. She took a deep breath and confided her secret to me. When she finished, I was speechless. I had never expected anyone, least of all my daughter to do this. I looked at her in askance, but she kept losing control over her tears so I sent her to bed; hoping that she would be in a much better condition the next day and I would be able to talk to her.
I pondered over what she had just told me. She had fallen head over heels for a guy in her class, and for him, she had lied to me the whole time. Now, he was going to exchange school and she was afraid of losing him. She urged me to send her there too but how could I? There was nothing that I knew about him. To add to this, I was worried about my daughter too. So I decided to talk to her the next day.
I then, called the boy, spoke to him, and after being constantly pushed by my daughter, I reluctantly agreed to send her. I had assured myself that the boy would inflict no harm on my daughter, as he was from a respectable family; thus with that belief I had given into her demand.
Now, two months later, I regret my decision. The odds had turned against him, and there was nothing that I could do, but hope. Hope, that the evil-minded boy would pardon my daughter.
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Comments 8
Habiba Thats just a story.. thankyou all! Habiba
Mar 10th 2013
Emaan Oh is this true or just a story? Emaan
Apr 3rd 2012
ayesha Hmmmm, good...i would enjoy reading other of ur stories:) Ayesha
Apr 2nd 2012
l I like all your stories.... L
Apr 1st 2012
Wajeeha Awesome.. keep writing =) Wajeeha
Mar 27th 2012
syeda tahira Very true and nyc story Syeda Tahira
Mar 26th 2012
Aiman Gr8 story Aiman
Mar 25th 2012
Ashna Quite....intense. Good story! Ashna
Mar 24th 2012

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