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Aiman Mughal
Aiman Mughal
Fauji Foundation New Lalazar
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
Total Comments : 22
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One day Jennifer, Jerry, Kate and William decided to go for a long walk. While going, they saw a hollow tree with a hole in it. When they came closer, they saw a laser light in it. The children went inside. They discovered a Candyland. That place was very beautiful with chocolate rivers, Ice Cream Mountains, lollipop flowers, donut, benches, cake houses and chips and biscuits trees. As they were very hungry, so they began to eat these delicious things. When they finished eating, they decided to go back. When they came to open the gate of Candyland it was not opening. William asked Kate what to do and all children began to think. As they were thinking what to do, a cruel which appeared .She said to the children that i will change you into biscuits and will eat you. Now the children came to know that they all were tricked. The witch tied them with a rope. Next day the witch threw them into an oven and as she was going to bake them, a good fairy appeared and asked the bad witch to free the children but she said that it would be my dinner. They had a fight and the fairy killed the witch. She freed the kids and warned them that this place was a magical pace. The children lost their way and hopelessly went into that place and were eaten by the witch. The children promised the fairy not to go there again and asked the fairy the way to their homes .The fairy said to children to open their eyes when the kids opened their eyes they were in their own homes and were very happy to be with their parents again.
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Comments 22
Aiman Yup Tooba :) Hansel and Gretal found a house made up of candies and the children in my story found a whole candyland :) Aiman
Mar 31st 2015
Tooba Similiar 2 hansel and gretal Tooba
Nov 17th 2014
Aiman Thanxxx fatima dear:) Aiman
Aug 11th 2012
Tooba Excellent looking 4ward 4 ur stories Tooba
Aug 10th 2012
Aiman Thanxxxx Simran:) Aiman
Aug 4th 2012
Simran Wow!!!i love the story....its faboulous,amazing and mouthwatering Simran
Aug 4th 2012
Jun 8th 2012
rohma I really love this story :d and i have a request that do you want to be my friend pleaseeee b/c i dont have any friend Rohma
Jun 3rd 2012
Aiman Thanks sadia Aiman
May 10th 2012
saadia You are a very goooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooood writer Saadia
May 4th 2012
Aiman Yeah Aiman
Mar 31st 2012
Ashna Yummm....every person's dream.... Ashna
Mar 29th 2012
Aiman Thankyou all for your lovely comments Aiman
Mar 28th 2012
Ushna I like you my sister U r best Ushna
Mar 28th 2012
Ushna I read again again But everytime Enjoyed! Ushna
Mar 27th 2012
Wajeeha 1 word:AMAZING! Wajeeha
Mar 27th 2012
Ushna Wat will be your next story Waiting anxiously Ushna
Mar 27th 2012
Emaan Yum!The idea of lollipop flowers and Ice cream makes my mouth water!Nice job!You can be better! Emaan
Mar 27th 2012
Ushna I love your story Ushna
Mar 27th 2012
Aliza Awsum................u cn b great writer Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Anna Love the idea. Chocolate rivers, lollipop mountains..Yumm!!:D Anna
Mar 25th 2012
Ushna Excellent idea Keep on Writing Aimen. Ushna
Mar 25th 2012

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