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Arbaz Ahmed
Arbaz Ahmed
Army Public School,saddar,karachi
Don’t Count Your Eggs Before The Hatch
Published On Mar 23rd 2012
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Once, there were two brothers. One’s name was Ahmed and other Ahsan. They both were brothers. They live in a village of Iran. One day they both were playing in their garden, when a little white hen came in their garden. They took the hen and thought that it belonged to someone and had run from there.
“We should ask everyone whose hen is that” said Ahmed.
“You are right” said Ahsan. They went to every door but everyone replied “No it’s not our chicken”. They went back to their home.
“We should keep it with us,” said Ahsan.
“Yes, after all it does not belong to anyone. They made a small home for the hen and everyday they gave its feed.
One day the hen laid a dozen of eggs. They all were big and round. “We should sell six for six pence each”, said Ahmed.
“And the rest we shall have in breakfast”, said Ahsan. “From that money we will buy a horse carriage”, said Ahmed.
“Why we should buy a horse carriage it’s so old fashion we should buy a motor car”, said Ahsan.
“No horse carriage is better than motor car it moves very fast with a Thud! Thud! Thud! Voice and you can make it faster with a whip”, said Ahmed. “No, my motor car is best it moves very steadily with a Vroom! Vroom! Vroom! Voice and you can also make people move away from your way by a horn”, said Ahsan.
“I will make my carriage faster and will smash your motor car in bits”, said Ahmed.
“I will throw stones on your horse and horse man and your carriage will be broken”, said Ahsan.
“Here my carriage is coming Thud! Thud! Thud! Said Ahmed.
“And here my stones are coming”, Said Ahsan.
In hurry Ahsan threw all twelve eggs and they all fell on ground, they all broke.
Then he said that I will not live with them who will behave like this and he ran away.  
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Comments 5
Affan Nyc story but mistakes Affan
Sep 17th 2013
Emaan Woe Ohhh nyc Emaan
Apr 3rd 2012
Wajeeha Nyc try Wajeeha
Mar 27th 2012
Aliza Nyc Aliza
Mar 25th 2012
Aiman Gr8 story Aiman
Mar 25th 2012

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