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Aiman Mughal
Aiman Mughal
Fauji Foundation New Lalazar
Published On Feb 4th 2012
Total Comments : 38
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February 2012

Rank 8 Out of 10
Once there was a girl named Hina who was the daughter of a maid .The maid was very poor and she earn money by working at the Landlord lady house. Maid’s daughter Hina was also with her. While when Hina was dusting in the house of rich people she saw a pink and beautiful dollhouse. It was actually the dollhouse of the daughter of Landlord lady named Fatima. Fatima was a little rude. Hina was amazed to see the Fatima’s doll housesit looked eye catching to her. She wanted to have her own dollhouse like that. She always liked to dust the small chairs, tables, beds, and other accessories of the dollhouse. After dusting the dollhouse she said to Fatima that your dollhouse is very pretty  Fatima replied yeah yeah whatever you cant have this you are the daughter of a maid and you are poor now don’t dare to touch my dolly house get lost. Now Hina’s heart was broken when she and his mom [maid] were sleeping in the quarter Hina asked her mother with love that i also wanted to have the doll house but her mother said with anger and shouted that do you know it is expensive and i can’t afford it now Hina was sad in her dream she always saw that she had her dollhouse and then because of this she was mentally disturbed and was ill for 2 weeks. Her mother was worried and when she told to the landlady as she was kind she took Hina to the doctor. The doctor told that she is ill because of any depuration. Her mother understands that her daughter was ill because of dollhouse. She told that to the landlady then the landlady said that why had you never told me about that I’ll give her the dollhouse as a present she went to the toy shop and bought it and gave to Hina. Hina opened her eyes she was very happy. Fatima felt sorry for her of being rude to her. Now Hina was recovered very soon and was all right again. Laughing
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Comments 38
Zainab Nice story keep it up!!!!!!!!! Zainab
Mar 17th 2018
Aiza Great story😎😎😎😎😎 Aiza
Jan 2nd 2017
Aiman Thanks all.I cant stop laughing when I read this story (the reason is the grammatical mistakes) coz I was like in grade 4 or 5 when I came up with an idea of a writing a story on Vshine. After writing it I was in such a hurry that I never bothered to check my story or correct the grammatical mistakes and then I clicked SUBMIT but I cant believe that actually I won :p Aiman
Mar 31st 2015
Hafsah Congrats aimen ....!!! :D :) :P ;) <3 Hafsah
Mar 19th 2015
abeera Great story! though with mistakes......but creative ;) the Sidra and Arshia if it was manipulated, it wouldnt have won exactly......but never mind. Abeera
Aug 16th 2014
rameen GREAT story!!!!!!! Rameen
Feb 7th 2013
Duaa Awesomeeee story but has loads of gramatical mistakes Duaa
Oct 27th 2012
Khadijah Copied but have changes :) Khadijah
Aug 16th 2012
Aiman SIMRAN!!!thanxxxx and i don,t mind if someone says that story is manipulated...... its true that i wrote that by myself if someone says soooo i won,t mind Aiman
Aug 4th 2012
Simran Hey aimen!!i think that ur this story is awesome and i want to say to sidra and arshia that story is not manipulated and if u say so tell me from where you saw that story Simran
Aug 4th 2012
Aiman You also liked my story and you are also saying that the idea is manipulated:p Aiman
Jul 8th 2012
Sidra The idea is manipulated and i know from where! Sidra
Jul 4th 2012
Emaan Thumbs up Emaan
Mar 28th 2012
Wafa Sialkot branch near khalid bin walid colony Wafa
Mar 27th 2012
Emaan Wow fab story though there are gramaritical mistakes,I don't care.You are very creative.:) Emaan
Mar 27th 2012
fatima Congratzzzz!!!!:) Fatima
Mar 15th 2012
Anna @Aimen: So you admit that the idea is taken from somewhere? Anna
Mar 12th 2012
Aiman Yeah really Aiman
Mar 10th 2012
Anna Really? Anna
Mar 6th 2012
Arshia Idea is manipulated Arshia
Mar 4th 2012
Anna Good story but littered with mistakes... Anna
Mar 4th 2012
hurriya Congratulations Aimen Hurriya
Mar 3rd 2012
areeba Congratulationss!*** Areeba
Mar 3rd 2012
Laiba Congratulationss... Laiba
Mar 2nd 2012
Fatima Abdul It's a very interesting story but alot of mistakes.[do not mind i am trying to correct your mistakes] Fatima Abdul
Feb 29th 2012
Sarah Nasir It's nice,but some mistakes Sarah Nasir
Feb 29th 2012
Saba Keeeep it up Saba
Feb 28th 2012
Aiman Thanks every one i,ll try my best next time.i know that there are gramatical mistakes becoz i was in hurry to send my story to vshine. Aiman
Feb 22nd 2012
fatima Soooooooo many mistake but the idea and the story is extremely nice!don't get hurt if any body don't like it I like it.try your best next time very nice idea.(i am very sorry if i hurt you but i did not mean to hurt you). Fatima
Feb 14th 2012
Syed Maaz Needs punctuation editing....the rest is fine. Good story. Syed Maaz
Feb 12th 2012
Wajeeha Gud Wajeeha
Feb 9th 2012
Zuhaa Lot of mistakes Zuhaa
Feb 9th 2012
fasih Good story, but there are lots of mistakes Fasih
Feb 8th 2012
Aiman I am in 11th year. Aiman
Feb 6th 2012
regulus How old are you? Regulus
Feb 6th 2012
Momina Good story Aiemen! If anybody puts you in low spirits by telling you your story is not good, IGNORE! But their are a lot of spelling mistakes. (not saying in a rude voice.). Momina
Feb 6th 2012
Aiman Well in which branch Aiman
Feb 6th 2012
Wafa Aimen Mughal!!!!!!!!!!!!! You know about Minahil Niazi.She was also study in APACS.If you know then tell me on Vshine. Wafa
Feb 5th 2012

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