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Ali Akbar
Ali Akbar
Sls Montessori And School
Cheating In Race
Published On Feb 4th 2012
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Once upon a time there was a boy called Usman. He always uses to get first position in his class. There was another boy Sarmad, he was jealous of Usman. One day the principle announced that a race competition will be held next week. The student who will run the faster will be awarded with 50 extra marks in his exams.
Usman and Sarmad were amazed and decided to participate in the race. When the big day came, everyone was very excited. The moment the coach whistled the runners started to run as fast as they can. Sarmad was ahead of everybody, but when he looked back to see who was behind him, Usman was there. Sarmad was afraid because Usman was a good runner. Sarmad had an evil plan that when Usman will come closer to me, I will push him. When Usman was about to cross him he pushed him and ran. Usman was weeping and was angry at him Sarmad was in the air with joy, when he was awarded with 50 marks. But he did not realize that he had lost a friend. When he went home, he felt sad for Usman and was guilty. He told his mother about it and she was very ashamed of his habit. She forced Sarmad to go and say sorry to Usman. Sarmad went to Usman's house, when Usman opened the door he was very ashamed and said sorry. He offered him to take his prize but Usman said with a smile " I don’t want any prize, I am happy that you realized your mistake".
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Comments 18
Sabeen Nice Sabeen
Nov 10th 2017
aasiya Good try ali! Aasiya
Mar 22nd 2013
Disenchanted. Fatima I love the saying of your profile pic! Disenchanted.
Jul 14th 2012
ali Ahaaa...thats really great ali aleem Ali
Mar 20th 2012
Habiba Good job dude! Habiba
Mar 16th 2012
Muhammad Thnx for giving us advise Muhammad
Mar 9th 2012
Ali A.O.A Ali This is a really good story. It also teaches us that we should not cheat because it is a wrong thing to do. When I went to school one day it happened that while I was in a hopping competition (the cometition in which you hop on one foot only) I was ahead of everyone when suddenly a boy pushed me so hard that I fell broke my tooth and when the principle saw this he expelled the boy from scholl but I "sir do not expel him please." The principle agreed and let him in again and since then he has been my friend. Ali
Feb 23rd 2012
ali Thanks every one:)<3 Ali
Feb 18th 2012
Momina LOVE IT! ps. cool pic and name! Momina
Feb 11th 2012
fasih Excellent story Fasih
Feb 8th 2012
Maria Good job Maria
Feb 7th 2012
ali Thanks everybody. I really appreciate it but please like my story as well. :) Thanks again Ali
Feb 6th 2012
Wajeeha Aswm! Wajeeha
Feb 5th 2012
Wafa Brilliant one!!!!!!!!!!Keep it up!!!!!!!!! Wafa
Feb 5th 2012
fatima Great job Ali :) Fatima
Feb 5th 2012
fatima V..good......!! Fatima
Feb 5th 2012
ali I am glad u like it Ali
Feb 5th 2012
Aiman Good job Aiman
Feb 4th 2012

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