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Aiman Mughal
Aiman Mughal
Fauji Foundation New Lalazar
Bermuda Triangle
Published On Feb 4th 2012
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Scientists have discovered many strange places in the world but one of these places are Bermuda Triangle. It is also known as the Devil Triangle. That is a Paranormal Place because the one who goes through this place is mysteriously disappeared. It’s the region in the western part of Atlantic Ocean. Many planes and ships have hopelessly gone there and disappeared. Many explorer and scientists wanted to know this paranormal place but when they went there they never returned back. Many writers had written many different stories about this topic. Timing speed is too fast. It HAS NOT BEEN DISCOVERED YET.
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Comments 12
Gullasht Hi are all these are your hobbies Gullasht
Apr 11th 2013
LyeBa Ohhhhh yes Urooj ive read this book too Lyeba
Nov 3rd 2012
Aiman No fatima i am in grade 7th and scarpio is a horescope Aiman
Aug 14th 2012
Tooba Aiman Nd Eman what u mean by scorpian? Tooba
Aug 12th 2012
Tooba Aimen how can u be in grade 5? Im in grade 6 and i amborn on 23 oct 2001 Tooba
Aug 12th 2012
Emaan Ohh Emaan
Aug 6th 2012
Aiman Oh gud emaan,we both are scorpian and i was born on 29th OCT 2000 Aiman
Jun 21st 2012
Emaan Hey Aimen!!!!!I'm a scorpian too!I was born on November 12th 2001.:) Emaan
Jun 12th 2012
rohma So don't mind plz do you wanna be my friend? ans me later in your own comment Rohma
Apr 27th 2012
Aiman I mean yes I really belong to a Mughal family. I live in Rawalpindi. Aiman
Feb 6th 2012
Aiman No Aiman
Feb 6th 2012
Urooj 1 0f my fav0urite t0pic t0 talk ab0ut.........ive read 1 b00k ab0ut it........having strange facts n piece 0f inf0........1 thing i wanna kn0w is that r u fr0m the REAL mughal family........???(im really curi0us) Urooj
Feb 5th 2012

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