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Zernab Waheed
Zernab Waheed
Allied School System (ass)
A Beautiful Change!!
Published On Feb 4th 2012
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Anza was a lazy student of her class. She didn't pay attention towards her studies. She was in 9th, student of a senior class. She had to pass Board Examinations but she didn't take tension.
Her parents wanted that their child would pass the examinations with 1st division. For this, they had taken her admission in an Academy. They paid a lot of fee for just her because she was the first & last child of her parents. She didn't care for her parents dreams. Every time, she sat on computer listening songs & playing games. She went to school but after it she just completed her homework and just. As a result, she failed badly in the class tests. Her mother just taught her with kind words that she should study but his father didn't even said him a single word.
A few days were left in her 1st term examinations, out of 24 hours she just used to study 5-4 hours. Seeing this condition of her study, her mother scolded her a lot. She went in her bedroom and the whole night she spent crying. The next day, when she got ready for school her mother saw that her eyes were infected. She asked her reason but she told nothing & went school sadly. As she entered school, she saw that a new girl has entered her class. The new girl she sat with her. They became friends on the first day but after a few days the new girl namely Maria noticed that she was very weak student. So, she left her & started to stay with the position holder students. Anza was very confused that why Maria left her?
The next day, in the break-time she asked Maria the reason. Maria replied: I was you friend but I saw that you don't care about your studies. You don't even offer your prayers. Whenever I talk with you, you just talk about songs & songs. I don't like songs. I will be your friend again if you'll promise that you'll never hear songs, offer your prayers & study. Anza sees! How your parents bear the fee of this school. They send you to the academy because they want that their child would succeed in life. So, are you going to promise? We don't know what was the magic in her advice that tears flowed out from Anza's eyes. She promised with Maria.
As she went home, she asked her mother to forgive her. Her mother replied: Anza you are my daughter. I want your best so i just scold you for this. Her mother forgave her. Now, because of her promise, she gave her mobile back to her parents saying: I don't need it. She started to wear scarf every time & she also offered her prayers. She started studying. So, now Maria was shocked that her little advice changed her life. Maria also gave Anza a magazine named "Musalman Bachay". This magazine effected her life a lot.
Day by day,her study performane began to improve.As all of this happened,Her parents & teachers were also shocked.Everyone asked her the reason & she replied:"This is just because of Maria & Musalman Bachay(magazine).Maria & she became best friends forever.That day,she came home & Thanked GOD on giving her such a beautiful friend.
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Comments 19
Laibah Nyyc story truly amazing Laibah
Jul 5th 2013
zaib Mistake madam its your friend not you friend lol Zaib
May 24th 2013
Elsa Dear Zernab, Please accept my friendship request.I wanna be your friend.. Elsa
Mar 4th 2013
mary Nice story but bad grammre has to make sense nice muslim story by the way write storys to chench pepolls live better it some one mit exseps islam and you.l get rwadid for that Mary
Apr 24th 2012
Zernab @ Wajeeha,Maria & Aimen!!!!! When are you exams going to start????? I will reply all of you on 3rd of April because i will be free then. BEST OF LUCK FOR YOUR EXAMS & Bye Bye!!! Zernab
Mar 17th 2012
Wajeeha Umm i guess its ur turn and even i am 13 but only in 7th and Inshallah u will pass with outstanding marks Ameen!=) Wajeeha
Feb 24th 2012
Zernab @ Wajeeha !! I am also 13 years old & i am going to be of 14 in August.Tell me more about yourself!!! @Aimen!!! How old are you?????? Tell me about yourself!!! @you both !!!! I have to give bise grw exams of 9th.My datesheet has been published.My first paper is on 21st March & that's of BIOLOGY.PLEASE PRAY FOR ME!!!!!!!!!! Zernab
Feb 22nd 2012
Wajeeha Oh its okay..humans make mistakes. my hobby is reading books and i am 13 years old.....i wanna be a muslim scholar or an islamic lawyer! =) Wajeeha
Feb 20th 2012
Feb 20th 2012
Zernab @ Wajeeha! I am sorry for that.By mistake, i have written your name I was to write the name of Maria.Please I am so sorry for that.Yeah,we can be friends.What's your age,hobby & your aim(what you want to be) ?I am again really sorry for that. @ others who commented.Thanks for your beautiful comments!!!!!!!!! Zernab
Feb 18th 2012
Fatima Abdul Nice story Fatima Abdul
Feb 17th 2012
Wajeeha Umm.. i never mentioned that you copied that from Muslanman Bachay and I do not even read it.. it was maria who said that well it could have been a mistake and i study in grade 7 and i luv making new friends =) Wajeeha
Feb 13th 2012
Feb 11th 2012
Zernab @Wajeeha!!!I think i havenot translated this story from musalman bachay!!!!!! I read that magazine but I havenot cheated any story from it.So, please tell me the magazine number and the story name if you say that I have cheated or translated. THANKS for everyone's beautiful comments.Pray for me. @Wajeeha,Maria & Aimen. In which class do you read?Can we be friends????? I am in 9th & my first board exam is on 17th March.Pray for me that I attain good marks. I am studying Biology.I want to be a doctor & a artist. Zernab
Feb 10th 2012
Maria My name maria also and i also read this story in musalman bachay... m i right ????????? good effort and good translation keep it up Maria
Feb 7th 2012
Wajeeha Nice! Wajeeha
Feb 5th 2012
Wafa Excellent coz this story will give us a good moral.Keep it up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Wafa
Feb 5th 2012
Zernab Thanks!I did my best!!! Zernab
Feb 4th 2012
Aiman Nice and fantastic Aiman
Feb 4th 2012

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