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Hurriya Nasir
Hurriya Nasir
Beacon House Juniper Campus
An Amazing Day With Aliens
Published On Feb 2nd 2012
Total Comments : 38
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February 2012

Rank 8 Out of 10
It was the third day of summer vacations.  Lily was going to Dubai in an airplane. In the airplane lily fell asleep. When she woke up air plane was empty. She thought that the plane has landed because the doors were opened. She went outside she saw a board that said “welcome to moon”. There was no gravity so she was jumping. While she was trying hard to stand, suddenly she felt that something was standing behind her and watching her. Lily turned around and saw an alien she screamed but no one could hear her. The alien gave her pill that allowed her to talk, breath, walk and stand on the moon. She consumed it. Lily said “aliens are everywhere on moon and there are cameras on the moon too so why cameras do not show aliens”. Alien replied” you see miss lily when we see camera’s near us we hide behind the rocks and that soft piece of cloth with a stick  which human plant in the moon.” lily “oh! You mean the flags .but why aliens hide from cameras and if you are scared from cameras then why are you talking to me”? Alien replied, “We think that if human will find us, they will destroy us and when you came outside from the airplane all the aliens thought that you are kind. Please promise me that when you will go back to earth you will not tell this secret.”Lily promised. Then the alien took her to the mall. Lily wanted to buy many things but she didn’t have alien money so she did not bought anything but most of all she wanted to buy a ring which had a stone of moon. They went to Aliens Park, king and queen alien palace and moon alien museum. Then they went to moon restaurant, in the restaurant they ate rock and sand soup and moon alien chicken roast. The alien asked her where to go next but Lily wanted to go home. Alien rolled up his sleeves and clicked a button on his watch so Lily closed her eyes when she opened her eyes she was sitting in the air plane and it was filled with passengers, she thought that it was a dream but then she felt that something was in her pocket she took a box out of her pocket and saw the ring that she wanted and there was a letter which was of the alien and it said “dear miss Lily this is a gift from me to you and please do not tell anyone about the aliens”. Lily was very happy that she had a very unique gift and she had an experience that nobody had.
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Comments 38
Aiza Very nice story Aiza
Jan 2nd 2017
anam Good! Anam
Sep 13th 2012
anam Very nyc hurriya.keep it up... Anam
Sep 13th 2012
hurriya Thank u very much ashbah and wajeeha. but i wrote this story before reading THE LOST THE DARK GROUND i wrote this in february and i also think the first lines a little do relate the story Hurriya
Jun 2nd 2012
amna Awosme blossom and c but i am late Amna
Jun 1st 2012
Wajeeha Interesting story hurriya ! I loved it alot.You made a very good effort.Doesn't ur story some how relate to the lost,the dark ground's story?:)but anyway's it was very gud. Wajeeha
May 25th 2012
hurriya Thanx alot every one Hurriya
Mar 30th 2012
Princess Hajra Gr8 story. i loved it. you tried really very well. can we be friends? Princess Hajra
Mar 16th 2012
sarah Awesome ............. nice imagination ... Sarah
Mar 12th 2012
Menahil Gr8 story Hurriya. Congratz on winning. Menahil
Mar 10th 2012
hurriya CONGRATULATIONS to u too Aimen and thanx alot laiba! Hurriya
Mar 3rd 2012
Laiba Congratulationssssss.........!!!!!!! Laiba
Mar 2nd 2012
Aiman CONGRATULATIONS!!!Hurriy@, you are one of the 5 winners of my page and i am too. Aiman
Mar 2nd 2012
hurriya Thanx alot every one :) Hurriya
Mar 2nd 2012
Ali Great Ali
Mar 2nd 2012
Shahmir Amaaazing story Shahmir
Mar 1st 2012
Fatima Abdul A very amazing story.Keep up the good work..... Fatima Abdul
Feb 29th 2012
samir I love this story so lovely Samir
Feb 23rd 2012
samir How do you make it please tell me Samir
Feb 23rd 2012
Aiman One of the best stories .I luv it .Keep it up and I agree with Tasbiha. Aiman
Feb 22nd 2012
hurriya Me too.... =) Hurriya
Feb 15th 2012
hurriya Thanx maryam,zuhaa and ahmed Hurriya
Feb 15th 2012
fatima Alright i pressed 'like' momina I like the way u said to everyone for pressing like button on someone else's page. Fatima
Feb 14th 2012
hurriya Awww thats so sweet of u momina Hurriya
Feb 12th 2012
Feb 11th 2012
Zuhaa It really gr8 Zuhaa
Feb 10th 2012
Ahmed Nys story Ahmed
Feb 9th 2012
hurriya :) thnks Hurriya
Feb 9th 2012
Maryam Great FANTASY..... Maryam
Feb 8th 2012
hurriya Thanks alot Hurriya
Feb 8th 2012
fasih Gud imagination Fasih
Feb 8th 2012
hurriya Thanks Hurriya
Feb 6th 2012
Wajeeha I love it Wajeeha
Feb 5th 2012
hurriya Thanx aimen and tasbiha Hurriya
Feb 5th 2012
Aiman I really liked it very much Aiman
Feb 5th 2012
fatima VeRy....vErY....gooood........!!!! aw sum you gave a great SHOCK when you said that she was dreaming & she had something in her pocket!!!! Fatima
Feb 5th 2012
hurriya Thanx aiman Hurriya
Feb 4th 2012
Aiman Gud Aiman
Feb 3rd 2012

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