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Saqifa Maryam
Saqifa Maryam
Computer: A Menace Or A Blessing?
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Computer, a modern technology is nowadays widely and most commonly used in almost every house of the modern society.  It has become a basic necessity and part of our life. But, on the other hand, most of the elders especially parents and grandparents think that computer is straying the youngsters and is the main cause of generation gap. But the reality, however, is different.
It should be understood that computer's benefits, if compared to that of demerits, are lot more than that.  Imagine a life without computer. Firstly, no access to internet which means back to the 19th century where people would travel miles just to consult a book but now, it is the matter of seconds.  Other than that, computer also serves as a source of entertainment.  It helps people out in education. Google search of what you need is provided in fraction of a minute. Email correspondence is so fast that it reaches in unbelievable speed. Nowadays, you can book your ticket on web to abroad or wherever you have to travel.  Thousands of jobs are done on computer.  Last but not least, it is a source of communication and information.
Conclusively, the whole system of life would be ruined if computers were not here as we are computer dependant community.  Those parents that are not in favour of computer should consider all these aspects of it.  Surely, the misuse of it would lead to the most undesirable and harmful affects but using it in limits and for good purpose would avoid all these misleading.
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Comments 5
Mahrukh Wow its a good information Mahrukh
Sep 19th 2015
Aimen I REALLY LIKED IT :) Aimen
Feb 4th 2012
Urooj Really nyc in fav0ur of c0mputer but wh0 r in against of it have p0ints als0....altho0ugh s0me r realy stupid.......:-p Urooj
Feb 1st 2012
Wasif Nice Article ! I really liked it. Wasif
Feb 1st 2012
Anas Yeah.. I am sure people who are against computers have the computers on thier own.. tur isn't is? nice work! Anas
Jan 31st 2012

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