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Saqifa Maryam
Saqifa Maryam
When A Friend Helped Me.
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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"Hey Diana! What's wrong with you? Why do not you talk to me?" I asked from her while she was sitting in the library engaged in reading.  But upon my words, she collected the pile of her books and hurried away without even looking at me, leaving me gazing stupidly at the crowd of the students where she vanished.
       It was just one week before when I and Diana were best friends and nothing unpleasant had occurred between the two of us. But suddenly when our results of final exams came out, where I stood first and Diana second, she just refused to talk to me anymore. I could understand her feelings that she, being the most intelligent student of the class, did not like to stand at the second position.  She was holding the first position since she had entered the school. But it was the result of her own efforts that I now stood as hurdle in her way. 
      We had been friends since we met each other.  Diana, in fact, was very hard working and I completely opposite to her.  But this time when the new session started the idea just came to her that she could teach me so that I could improve myself in studies.  I started to go to her every evening and she proved to be really an excellent teacher.  But actually she and also me and no idea that I could go so far as that.  I needed only a guide line and I got it.  At first, I was walking on air to get such a magnificent result but now when it was the matter of our friendship, I was really worried and very much annoyed at her behaviour. I tried to talk to her every time I saw her but she rally was in no mood to do so. But today, I was at the verge of tears when she neglected me. I wished I had failed the exam rather than that, but what was done was done. I sat at a chair, picked a page and a pen out of my bag and started to write to Diana.  I tried to explain whatever I had in my mind to remove her misconceptions.  I wrote that I had thought that being my teacher, she would be happy if I got good marks so for the sake of her happiness, I tried as much as I could but I never had the intention to exceed her. I begged her mercy and requested her to forgive me if that had hurt her feelings. I dropped the letter to her house on my way back to home.
   That night seemed to be the longest night of my life but the day had to come so it did.  When I entered into the school gate at morning, the first person to welcome me there was Diana.  She smiled at me graciously and embraced me heartily.  I felt myself in the seventh heaven as we walked to classroom hand in hand.
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Comments 15
MUSFIRAH A very nice story of friendship.Your story tell us a friend has great value. Musfirah
Mar 25th 2016
Princess Hajra It is a really very good story. i loved it. i think you want to be a writer when you grow up. gr8. would you please be my friend? Princess Hajra
Mar 16th 2012
Aiman AWESOME BAKHITA excellent effort. Aiman
Feb 22nd 2012
Aruba, Iman Nice story Aruba, Iman
Feb 17th 2012
Momina Awesome story! Momina
Feb 11th 2012
fasih Fabulous story Fasih
Feb 8th 2012
Aiman Nice Aiman
Feb 3rd 2012
Saqifa Old is Gold! Anything that you see precious is old. What you read in your course books are all 16th century ideas then wat do u call THEM? Saqifa
Feb 3rd 2012
Aliza Old ideA Aliza
Feb 3rd 2012
sara True love Sara
Feb 3rd 2012
Feb 2nd 2012
Wajeeha Nyc Wajeeha
Feb 2nd 2012
fatima You have written it nicely and the story is good too! Fatima
Feb 2nd 2012
Lobna It is a very good story! Lobna
Feb 1st 2012
Aamna Good Aamna
Jan 31st 2012

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