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Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Yamna Izhar Ahmed
Al-majd Inter National School
Published On Jan 29th 2012
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Enemies in form of our friends
How they hit our head
We think them else n they are else
When u think ur heart will break
Breaking heart will take no break
It will fly like flake
Crystals broken in a lake
That’s why for Allah’s sake we should be in this world of break
People think breaking heart is a trend
But wait it is not the end
Tear drops fill my eyes
cuz I have got traitors in prize
Quiet mindless are we wise
Awaiting for a treacherous class
Let’s wait for good friends 
Who don’t make us walk on thorns? 
Don’t worry 
Don’t moan 
Remember Allah morn and noon
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Comments 18
Irum Awesome poem. Keep it up. Irum
Jul 11th 2013
shajiah I am also i big fan of btr and logan henderson Shajiah
Jul 10th 2013
Emaan Nope I don't watch it now,my mum doesn't like all that american. Totally vulgar! Still,d'ya watch it? Emaan
Oct 5th 2012
yamna You know m a teen ager still my parents kinda not allows me,so did u watch season really is american culture... Yamna
Oct 4th 2012
Emaan Whoops I just said it! One point for me! Emaan
Oct 4th 2012
Emaan Heyy How's the regular Big Time Rush fanfic? Though I'm bummed out because my mom and dad have forbade me from watching it on T.V because she says "It's American Culture" you know,dates and prom and dances and girlfriends. Well she says I'm old enough but Americans never stop those things! Well I'll watch it when I'll be a teen! Emaan
Sep 29th 2012
yamna Who told that?????????????hes the back bone!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yamna
Sep 9th 2012
Emaan Really? I'll check out, and I also wish that they would come to pakistan. I know Logan wrote worldwide and elevate,and he sings most of the time in the songs,his voice is so meliodous! And did you know,I've heard the maybe James Maslow is leaving BTR,MAYBE. But if he is, BTR wil NEVER be the same!!!! Emaan
Sep 8th 2012
yamna Ya i know they r on tour in canada i wish they whould come pakistan n do u know logan wrote elavate n world wide is also gud,so watch it on nick pk they r showing season 1,now season 3 is going on? Yamna
Sep 6th 2012
Emaan And my best fave is now "Worldwide" and "Elevate". Hey do you know that BTR is on a TOUR? U can check the tour out by going on and clicking on Big Time Rush. I love the episodes of BTR too! Emaan
Sep 6th 2012
Emaan I <3 Kendall! I think Logan's nice too,but I like James better than him :D Love me Love me is also my fav along with boyfriend :DD Emaan
Sep 5th 2012
yamna And i love makes me crazy btr!!!!!!!!!! n i like all there song especially love me love its insane!!!!!!!! Yamna
Sep 3rd 2012
yamna Wow i love btr its totally epic!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11 Yamna
Sep 3rd 2012
Emaan Ooo. Hey Yamnah,do you like BTR? I looooooooooooooove BTR! Emaan
Sep 3rd 2012
Raniah Nice Raniah
Jul 16th 2012
yamna Actually i dun think like this about.i have a million friends.just for those who break ur heart. Yamna
Feb 19th 2012
Namra You have this type of thought about friends.I don't believe.overall nice effort. Namra
Feb 16th 2012
yamna Pls comment.......... Yamna
Feb 6th 2012

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