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Azka Sohail
Azka Sohail
Time To Open Your Eyes, Muslims!
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Dear all! It is indeed a time of great test for all of us. We must check our own accounts of deeds and niyyah and stop committing these sins which Rasul Allah (SAW) cautioned us about will cause azab e ilahi, and most of all stop pointing fingers at others. 

Be a living example first and then do "Tawasaw bil Haq e wa Tawasaw bis Sabr", stand for Haq whether it be against your own blood relative, and advise others to do sabr and be sabir yourself for a Momin's mettle is tested in such times. 

This is a time of test for all of us. Forget your differences, stand united, our bonding agent is "La ilaha illallah Muhammad ur Rasul Allah" and Quran and Sunnat e Rasul (SAW) is the anchor which keeps us at bay. 

Adopt Akhlaq e Rasul (SAW) as much as you can, a Mo’mins akhlaq is his identity. Always remember each and every one of you represents Rasul Allah (SAW), do not act in a way which would draw fingers towards our beloved Rasul Allah (SAW), recognize your responsibility towards him (SAW), his Ummah, His (SAW) legacy, and Madina e Sani, Pakistan.
We are nothing, but Muslims and then Pakistanis. There is nothing we are not capable of. Stand up, forget yourself and your misery, don’t wait for anyone, go out and help anyone and everyone you can. Be Allah's Rehmat and Blessing for others, for you might be the one responsible for returning the azab e ilahi from all.

Har lehza hai momin ki nai aan nai shan

Guftar main, kirdar main, Allah ke burhan
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Comments 7
Arouba Great advice! Arouba
Apr 27th 2013
Azka Thnk u guyx =) Azka
Feb 7th 2012
Uswa Great article... Uswa
Feb 1st 2012
Azka Yeah ur absolutely right. we should never complain even if we're suffering from the worst, everything is for the good, we just don't understand. every situation, should be dealt in the right way, surely none of us would want to fail this test which is set by Allah (ta'ala)....for everyone. Azka
Jan 31st 2012
Anas Nice.. true.. sometimes when people are iay in a misery, they say "bad luck" but what if its testing (AAzmaaish) from Allah (ta'la) that how a person reacts to hardships.. they might be for your own good.. for forgiving your sins if you deal it the rite way.. Anas
Jan 31st 2012
fatima Great work to point such an important matter! Fatima
Jan 31st 2012
Urooj Great article...................u had raised really imp0rtant p0int of this era.......may g0d bless u.....keep it up:-) Urooj
Jan 31st 2012

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