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Mohammad Moosa
Mohammad Moosa
Why People Don’t Like Dark Colour?
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Why people don’t like dark colour. Is dark colour a very big problem/ people often not like dark colour. they think that the people whose colour are dark they are not good means that those people have no emotions the people with normal colour ask bad words to those people they think that those asked words will not hurt the person. But I know that the word likes kala kawa etc will hurt the person on the bottom of the heart because my colour is also dark. Some people have a very good heart they feel the emotions of those persons they also do friendship with them but why other people pass comment on our colour. We are also the person of ALLAH he made us also. He gave us dark colour this is not in our hand that which colour we will choose this colour is also given by ALLAH to us. So please don’t ask some think to the people with dark colour. They are also equal to the people with normal colour.
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Comments 4
Mohammad Thanks to you all for posting comment Mohammad
Feb 1st 2012
Aisha You are abolutely right...we shouldn't humiliate dark complexion people.....they are made by Allah Almighty.... Aisha
Jan 31st 2012
Anas I know.. now racism has been decreased.. one soccer player called another one 'black' and he was banned for 11 matches.. plus he had to pay million of dollars! One thing you got to admit is that they have SWAG! especially in sports like basketball! Anas
Jan 31st 2012
Urooj Absulutely rite.......we can als0 take the eg 0f HAZRAT BILAL HABSHI......he was black but it didnt matter........he was the first mOazzzzAN....of ISLAM...........great article:-) Urooj
Jan 31st 2012

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