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Aamna Zulfiqar
Aamna Zulfiqar
The Eduacators
The Best King
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Once upon a time there was a jungle. In the jungle there were many Animals. The animals who live in jungle were Lion, Elephant, Donkey, Wolf, Camels, Kangaroos, Giraffe, Fox, Dogs, Cats and mouse. Lion was not blunt, greedy. Lion was kind and honest. Elephant was bluff, foul. Donkey was not blunt, he like to creep in jungle. Wolf likes to run, and like to eat delicious food most of the time. Camels were not foul, greedy. Kangaroos were kind and honest and always like to eat delicious food. Giraffe are tall and blunt. Fox are wise, clever and they like to make everyone fool. Dogs are very angry and they like to bark. Cats are small and they look very cute. At that time the king of the jungle was tiger.
All the animals do not like the tiger to be king because he was greedy. He does not give food to others and eat all by himself. So one day all the animals plan each other to kill tiger. All of them said that the king of this plan should be fox because he is wise and brave. The fox uttered ok. The plan that I thing is right is that we all should not sleep this night and went in jungle for finding food. After finding the food tomorrow we will put it on table, and then I will bring poison and pour it in food. Then I will go to tiger for surprising him that we have brought a surprise for you on table.
When tiger will come on table and eat all that food he will die and after that we all will thing that who should be the king of the jungle. After hearing plan of Mr. Fox all the animal said that this is nice plan and we will do it. At this night all animal in jungle woke up and starts finding delicious food for killing tiger. This night all of them find food and sleep at midnight. When they woke up they put food on the table and pour poison in it. After that Mr. Fox call the tiger to table for having surprise. When tiger eat all that food after half hour the tiger unconscious and after that all other animals have a party and next day they all decided that the best king of the jungle should be Lion. After all that lion become the king of the jungle.       
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Comments 5
Rida GOOD Rida
Aug 5th 2013
Shahmir Nice story Shahmir
Mar 1st 2012
Momina Good Momina
Feb 3rd 2012
fatima Nice1 Fatima
Feb 2nd 2012
Taimoor Good story Taimoor
Feb 1st 2012

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