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Anas _
Anas _
Yanbu International School
Never Give Up!
Published On Jan 18th 2012
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January 2012

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At night, we were at the soccer field where we had to play a match against the college students who were really compared to our team. We only had a good striker and a goalkeeper and the students’ team had almost every single good player. All of them were tall, fast and looked like they were really good at soccer.
“Yo Hassan, tell them not to shoot hard and say we are kids so be easy on us” said Faizan.
“Faizan, don’t be a chicken, you are already discouraging yourself. Those guys look very over confident and I think we can beat them,” replied Hassan with some hope.
So when we started the game, the students took the ball away from us really quickly and they started to pass around. All of a sudden, one of their men took a shot from half court, and he scored! Our goalkeeper was amazed because he barely saw the ball coming with that much speed and power.
“Just get in their way when they try to shoot,” I said. “And please don’t get scared by the ball!” I said to Faizan who let that student take a shot by giving him space.
The students were again passing around and one of them accidentally passed to Hassan, who scored easily because he was open! The score was 1-1 now and the students were angry at the guy who passed the ball to Hassan and were saying something to him in Arabic.
After looking at their playing style, I figured out that when you charge on those guys, you will get the ball easily or they might not pass properly to the other guys. I figured that out because whenever their team was in possession, they send all of there guys up front to make room for passes and the more you wait for them to come near you, the easier it will be for them to score. So I experimented with charging on them and it worked! When I figured that out, I told some of the other defenders to do the same and soon the students weren’t passing properly (because they were pressured).
Soon, we got in control of the game when Hassan (our only striker) scored two goals. He just loves shooting and he always practices shooting rather than dribbling or running. And so has gotten really good at it.
The students got more serious and they started tackling hard and fouled my brother and Hassan.
They got very serious and they scored 3 goals in a row! The score was now 4-3 and the students were winning. Now, only five minutes were left for the game to end and we got really serious and tried to make no mistakes at all.
We only made useful passes and Hassan somehow dug through everyone and scored! We were so happy that we at least tied with the students and we decided to just stay at defence to not let them score. The game was almost about to end when one of the guy from their team said “last play”.
Thinking of not to lose, we decided to stay at defence and tried to survive the last play without conceding any goals. One of the students took a shot, and the ball banged on my brother’s body, and then deflected right to Hassan. It was time for counter attack, so I ran up to get open for Hassan to pass. When Hassan passed it to me, all of the students came rushing in, and I couldn’t do anything except for block the ball. After a while, I saw that one of their player had his legs opened, and behind him was Hassan standing. So what I did was I tapped the ball through that guy’s legs and it went right to Hassan, who banged it in!
I learned a big lesson that night to never give up! Even if your enemies are strong, you can take advantage of their overconfidence and beat them. Another thing I learned was to never get overconfident or else you won’t play as hard as you can and you might lose even if you have a good team!
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Comments 17
mohammad uzair Improve keep up Mohammad Uzair
Nov 30th 2014
arifa I love ur story anas! and i love football too...though my fave club is real madrid. IKER CASILLAS is soooo awesome! Arifa
Sep 24th 2012
Directioner Forever Congrats on being the winner and excellent effort by the way.. Directioner Forever
Sep 1st 2012
Sahar Congratulation you won Sahar
Mar 15th 2012
Member Thumbs up :-) Member
Feb 28th 2012
sarah NICE EFFORT Sarah
Feb 27th 2012
hamza Congrats budy Hamza
Feb 25th 2012
zeeshan 2 number it was a boring story i didnt kiked it at all Zeeshan
Feb 24th 2012
regulus Awesome! It's really well-written and you deserved to be the winner! =D Regulus
Feb 12th 2012
Salwa Congratzz.. Salwa
Feb 9th 2012
Wasia Congrats Wasia
Feb 4th 2012
Anas Thanks! I posted this story long ago and had totally forgot about it.. but some days ago, vshine team approved alot of stories and one of them was mine saying that I am the winner! I hope u all will be someday.. ;) Anas
Feb 3rd 2012
Wajeeha Aswm and congratz! Wajeeha
Feb 2nd 2012
Laiba Congrats Laiba
Feb 2nd 2012
fatima Congratzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! keep it up! i like your story! vshine liked your story! write more stories! be a winner next time tooo! Fatima
Feb 2nd 2012
Zuhaa Congratulation you won Zuhaa
Feb 2nd 2012
Azka Wow, very nyc keep it up, u write really well Azka
Jan 31st 2012

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