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Aliya  Hapakhoa
Aliya Hapakhoa
International School
The Old Woman
Published On Jan 18th 2012
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Once upon a time there was an old woman who lived alone in a small house in a small beautiful village. She became very ill, and always needed medical care, so she decided to travel to the city to be near the medical services. In the same street where the old woman lived the people were not friendly, but there was a very poor family that consisted of widow, three boys, 17-19 years old, and a girl almost 16 years old, that lived at the end of the street. Their house was near the cliff, even though it was very dangerous for them to live there. Since her husband died, she became alone with 4 children in a small, broken house. She was agreeing to work at anything just to have some money to buy any food for her and her children. All the people who lived in this village hated this poor family saying that this family is so bad.
Once when the old woman was walking outside seeking for some help, the wind and rain started. As she had been a distance from her house, she began to scream saying: - "Help, help, someone please help me", but no one answered her. Somebody closed the windows and others didn’t care for her. The wind and rain grew stronger and stronger that led to the uprooting of some trees. And then she fainted because of the cold, but no one thought to help her except the young boy from the end of the street, who heard her screaming and ran to help her. He helped her to walk to their old house. After the rain stopped, they took her back to her house, and they called the doctor to give her some help. The doctor talked to this mother as if she is a daughter of the old woman saying:-
ـــ “Your mother has to be in a bed for a few days, don’t leave her alone, and give her this medicine”.
After a few days, the old woman became well. The mother and the children really loved her and she became used to them and they became as a one family. When the spring came, the grandmother thanked them and returned to the village.
After one month the postman brought a letter for the poor family. The oldest son took the letter. When he read it, he screamed, “Oh mother come and see”. “What’s there?” she asked. “This is an invitation from a lover”, said the boy.” He invited us to be in the village next Saturday at ten a.m. to give us the keys to one house as a gift from anonymous”. And he looked at his mother’s face saying, “Who can make a gift like this to us?”
On Saturday morning the whole family went to the village. They were surprised when they saw the house which address was on the invitation. It was like a big castle. They knocked on the door and they were surprised again when they saw the old woman standing near the door. She invited them in saying, “Come in to your home”.
The old woman explained that for a long time she didn’t feel that she had a family. The widow and children had become as a family for her, that’s why she decided to make this gift for them. Also she told the mother that she didn’t have to worry about the cost of the university for all her children. The family traveled from the city to the village where they found a comfortable life and they lived with the old woman as a friendly family taking care of each other.
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Comments 13
Amna Awesome story Alia! I really adore your creativity! Amna
Mar 29th 2014
Anam Really nice keep it up Anam
Sep 21st 2013
maham Make a more friend as u can do Maham
Jul 16th 2013
Wajeeha Awesome! Wajeeha
Feb 13th 2012
fatima Nishe Fatima
Feb 2nd 2012
Aiman NICE, KEEP IT UP. Aiman
Jan 26th 2012
Zuhaa Good Zuhaa
Jan 24th 2012
Mezab It is really good Mezab
Jan 23rd 2012
Urooj G00d......:-p Urooj
Jan 23rd 2012
Aliza Nyc bt sorry to say its 2 mch long Aliza
Jan 20th 2012
fatima Nice story Fatima
Jan 19th 2012
Aliya Thanks for your comment. I'm glad that you like it. Aliya
Jan 19th 2012
Aamna Very nice story Aamna
Jan 19th 2012

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