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Sara Khan
Sara Khan
Delhi Public School-modern Indian School Doha Qatar
Animal Legends
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Long ago cats and rats used to be best friends but now it isn't so. Let see how it is so. Once upon a time on an island lived two best friends. One was a rat and the other was a cat. they both were best friends but one day they got really bored the rat said to the cat why don't we shift to another island the cat replied this is perfect so what are we waiting for said the rat then the rat went near a tree and began to nibble in the trunk of the tree and then when it broke and fell down he called the cat to cut the trunk horizontally from the middle and scratch it from the middle in an oval shape hole so that we could have some place to sit and row the boat then the rat went and took some branches to make the rowers the next day the cat sat in the oval shaped hole of the boat and the rat came from the back and pushed the boat and then suddenly sat with the cat then the cat started to row the boat then suddenly while rowing the cat slept then the cat started to snore then the rat heard the voice of the cats snore he looked back an d he saw that the cat was asleep then the rat started to feel hungry then started to nibble the boat then the cat heard the voice of nibbling so he woke up then he also started to feel hungry he saw that he was wet than he looked at the boat and the boat was nibbled so he scolded the rat that why did you nibble the boat then the boat started to sink then they swam and went back to the island then the cat started to chase the rat then the rat went to a small hill and dug a hole and went in it and when the cat came near it then he saw that the hole was to small for the cat to go in then the cat said that I will wait for you until you come out from that hole then the rat dug a hole till the next side of the hole  when he reached the other side he came out and escaped. This is how cats started to chase rats.
Done by: Sara khan and Abdullah khan
Class: iv-d
School: Delhi public school modern Indian school
Place: Doha, Qatar
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Comments 5
Sara Thanks guys! Sara
Mar 24th 2013
Sahar Brilliant Sahar
Mar 13th 2012
Wajeeha Awesome!=) Wajeeha
Feb 13th 2012
Momina Nice Momina
Feb 3rd 2012
Aamna Great story Aamna
Jan 31st 2012

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