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Aliza Syed
Aliza Syed
Roots Millennium
Cheating Is Bad
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Her exams were started and Emma was having her biology paper. She worked hard all night because the paper was tough. After studying so hard, she made it. She was feeling really happy and slept peacefully. At morning, she left for school, after reaching school; she was really shocked by seeing everybody writing on small papers, Yeah! You guess it right! They were preparing for cheating. When Emma asked them, they started laughing at her. And said, “You are a fool, today nobody solves the paper. Everybody copy it.” Until she says something, the bell rang. Emma was very disappointed and dishearten. Whatever, the paper started, after few minutes, the teacher went outside to chat with other teacher. The students took advantage of this and started cheating. Emma was angry and decided to inform teacher but stopped after thinking that after all they all were her friends. She solved the paper honestly, and went to home. Her mom asked that why she was said? She told everything to her mom. Her mom showed her a way to punish them without loosing your friends. Emma was satisfied then.
The next paper was English and again all students were cheating. Emma went to the principle office and asked her to come during paper to encourage students. The principle agreed. Emma was so happy. Then, she went to classroom and started the paper. Again, the same happened, the teacher was chatting and this time students brought complete books for cheating. Suddenly, the principle came into the class and saw the whole thigh. First, she snatched the papers form those students and called their parents. And then warned the teachers. Now, Emma was very happy on her courage and bravery and completed the paper with relaxation. 
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Comments 17
Zainab Hmm. your stories are good but very short but it's ok Zainab
Jan 29th 2018
Tooba Gr8 Tooba
May 10th 2014
Nuzhat Nice but 2 - 3 mistkes Nuzhat
Nov 20th 2013
Maarij Maqsood Amazing Maarij Maqsood
Jul 12th 2013
Soha Wow!!!!!!! Great!! Emma was really very intelligent..) Soha
Feb 15th 2013
Raniah Love it . . . !! Raniah
Jul 25th 2012
Aliza Thanx everyone......u too hajra...sure i can Aliza
Mar 16th 2012
Princess Hajra Wow. that shows that cheating is very bad. excellent story. can you be my friend? Princess Hajra
Mar 16th 2012
Sahar Good effort Sahar
Mar 13th 2012
Osama Nice Osama
Mar 8th 2012
fasih Gr8 story, i like it very much Fasih
Feb 8th 2012
Aliza OMG!!! THanx a lot izza baji...i cant descri be how much u made me happy by ur comment.....thnx again Aliza
Feb 7th 2012
Aiman Gr8 story Aiman
Feb 5th 2012
Izza A.O.A! Syeda Aliza, yo i think you're gonna be a writer........great effort! nice try. Izza
Feb 5th 2012
fatima WOW super duper goood! Fatima
Feb 2nd 2012
Zuhaa My God how can this be,our teachers are made to stand in every row and check every child I'am amazed by this story but I like it. Zuhaa
Feb 1st 2012
Aamna Great story Aamna
Jan 31st 2012

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