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Anas _
Anas _
Yanbu International School
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Have you ever been in a strong thunderstorm? Or have you seen trees getting uprooted from the ground after the thunderstorm? You might have had a power failure because of a thunderstorm, but have you ever thought how these strong winds, lightning, and heavy rains forms? Well, let’s see how it forms!
Thunderstorms are found in clouds called Cumulonimbus Clouds. They are those cauliflower-looking clouds which have a really dark base, and are white from the top. These clouds are vertically developed clouds.
In order to understand the process of a Thunderstorm formation, you must know the basic ingredients needed for a cloud to form.
When the sun heats up the ocean, the water starts to evaporate and mixes with the air in form of water vapours. When the air is warmer, it has a tendency to take more water vapors in it. And when the air is colder, it can’t hold a lot of water vapors. The sun also heats up the ground, the air near the ground heats up as well and it gets lighter. When the air is light, it rises and as it rises, the temperature decreases. So when the temperature gets cold, it can’t hold the amount of water vapors it is carrying. So when the air is cooled further more, it won’t be able to hold then a lot of water vapour and that water vapor will condense in forms of clouds. Remember, the air is still rising and that will push the cloud up, the cloud stays there and it builds up just like a smoke goes up in a volcanic eruption. As the cloud is building, the water particle in the cloud gets bigger and bigger. When a water particle gets big enough for the cloud to hold, it falls down as rain. So the rain gets heavier when cloud is building up at a faster rate.
The water droplets which are falling from the cloud also push the air as they are coming down, and some of the droplets evaporate, and it cools the air. Now what happens is that it forms a down flow of the wind, and when that wind hits the ground, it creates gusty winds. And sometimes these winds pick up sand with them and you can have a sand storm forming in front of a thunderstorm.
Now there is air rising because of the heat of the sun, and there is air coming down because of the water droplets. When that happens, clouds particles rub against each other and get charged. Some charges are negative and some are positive. Now as you know, water is the conductor of electricity, and these charged particles find its way through water and vapors to the uncharged particles and uncharged particle is ground (trees, poles, etc.). When highly charged particles make contact with the uncharged ground particles, they release tremendous amount of energy in form of light and heat. And that light and heat is what you see as lightning.
 To find more information and see pictures, search the web!
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Comments 9
Anas HUGE SAND STORM WITH T-sTOrm tODAY!!!! oh my GOD!! Amazing... but scary as well :) Anas
Oct 21st 2012
Anas Amira.. thats common for texas.. you even get tornadoes.. but Emaan.. in karachi.. thats NOTHING!!! Go to North Punjab.. its horrible.. just to tell you that one of my grand father's uncle once was blown away due to strong winds.. it was that strong..!! and in karachi thats quite normal in monsoon but monsoon is OVER IN KARACHI NOW (with very less rains) Anas
Sep 18th 2012
Disenchanted. Yesterday itt was a real hard thunder which made the window almost shake and it was raining so much that I couldn't even c the house next to me and that thunder kinda made me scared that loud it was and my sis hid in the blanket and started crying Disenchanted.
Sep 15th 2012
Emaan I have! Seroiously,it's raining like mad here in Karachi like it has never before :OOO Emaan
Sep 12th 2012
Anas Lol.. here sometimes you don't even get thunderstorm for a year! I don't think thats same for Jazan..! xD Anas
Sep 2nd 2012
Directioner Forever Oohh thunderstorms we never get them here much.. but I like your article... Directioner Forever
Sep 1st 2012
Anas Thnx =) Anas
Aug 29th 2012
Disenchanted. I love thunderstroms.......and heavy rain...,and I like your article Disenchanted.
Aug 29th 2012
Urooj Wao000 such an inf0rmative article..........really u shared great info in the great writing style...........<3it.........u have potential t0 write.........:-p keep it up Urooj
Jan 31st 2012

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