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Azka Sohail
Azka Sohail
Life Is Hopeless At Times.
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Life is hopeless at times…
Standing on the edge of the cliff,
There’s nowhere to go
One wrong step if I take,
Into the water I will go
Darkness sustains, everywhere
Wherever I take my eyes, there’s no glow
Hopelessness is overcoming,
The river has broken its flow
It’s getting hard to balance,
The wind gives me a blow
My brain keeps me asking
Where will you go?
Terrifying rocks underneath, getting darker
Waves crashing, hurling to and fro
And then suddenly dying, giving up
Silently wading away, running low
Forlornness, pessimism, hopelessness
Everywhere there’s disappointment and sorrow
What to do, where to go, I don’t know
No light, no optimism, no hope, no glow,
Depression, tension, stress, overcoming…
Darkness conquering the hope…
And I, standing abandoned,
In a place, I don’t know…..
Dark, gloomy, shadowy, sinister
Me, alone, hopeless, forlorn…..
Life appearing lost, dull
Darkness and negativity taking over…
There’s nowhere to go.
Nowhere to go……..
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Comments 6
Azka Tasbiha, itx great i read it on 31st, cool keep it up dear =) Azka
Feb 6th 2012
Azka Yeah sure..<3 Azka
Feb 6th 2012
fatima Thanx Azka read my poem also "technologies" Fatima
Feb 5th 2012
Azka Awww.....thank u soooo much, Tasbiha, ur comment really brightened my day, thnxx a lot =) Azka
Feb 3rd 2012
fatima Ahh!very hearty it touched my heart.VSHINE please! give her prize are a brilliant writer.every positive comment which i have done on other pages are fit to this poem.VERY NICE.really very nice.........what else can i say? Fatima
Feb 2nd 2012
Uswa Brilliant work, i gotta admit u write really well...;) Uswa
Feb 1st 2012

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