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Abeer Daudpota
Abeer Daudpota
The Cambridge School
The Black Eyed Bear
Published On Jan 31st 2012
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Once there was a little bear that was really sneaky she was always spying. One day her cousin was really irritated with her habit so he had a plan to teach her a lesson. He wants to her house and asked her if he could take some food "Sure" she replied. He asked her to bring the things but she asked him "Why do you need food". He replied because I'm going bird watching" Amanda told him he could take the things from the kitchen. He went in the kitchen to get the things. Now Amanda saw a bag she saw a pair of binoculars. Now she tried to see from the binoculars and suddenly her cousin arrived and started laughing at her "Why are you laughing? So he showed her the mirror and her eyes were covered with coal From then Amanda never sneaked or spied at anybody ever again.
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Comments 8
Abeer So ummm it has been EXACTLY 5 years after I wrote these stories here and reading the comments written by Momina and Zuha, I would like to say this : I was a ten year old kid. You couldn't expect anything J.K Rowling type written by me. I also did say in my 5 year old comment that I had realised that that I made alot of mistakes in here. At that time I never proof read my work and even now SOMETIMES I don't, but considerably my work has gotten better actually good compared to this thing I wrote. You can check it on Wattpad my profile name is CoverMeInGlitter. I hope you're having a good day and thank you for wasting your precious time by reading this Abeer
Jan 29th 2016
Abeer Thnks everyone for like my stories though they had some mistakes like i missed some words but i will try to change them and i will write more stories Abeer
Jul 16th 2012
Wajeeha Very nice=) Wajeeha
Feb 13th 2012
Aiman I agree with zuhaa Aiman
Feb 3rd 2012
fatima Good+nice+fabulous=this story (according to my math) Fatima
Feb 2nd 2012
Momina I can. its simple. amanda, the bear, was a sneak. her cousin wanted to teach her a lesson. so he put coal (it should be tar) on the binoculars, because he knew amanda would look through them. the coal got on the sides of amanda's eyes, and made her 'black eyed'. so, thats why the story is called 'the black eyed bear'. nice story, but wayyy too many mistakes Momina
Feb 2nd 2012
Zuhaa Cant understand anything Zuhaa
Feb 1st 2012
Aamna Small Aamna
Jan 31st 2012

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