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Fareeha Manzoor
Fareeha Manzoor
Dar Ul Hijrah International School
Waste Of Life Face Book..
Published On Jan 5th 2012
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FACE BOOK can be very addictive for its members. Once you stay connected with friends, you will realize how often you login for another chat and discover what other members are doing. Some people know the drawbacks of facebook but cannot help staying connected with old friends who they haven’t seen in years. All this will certainly make you addicted to facebook and will stop you from deleting your account. Many hours also pass and you could have done something more important then using facebook. several members of social networking sites actually use them throughout day and night with out any sense at can you realize that disadvantages of facebook are more than its advantages if you not do so than tell me its will find it less....... 
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Comments 13
Soha Definately!! Very interesting topic!! FB is just waste of time and an addictive website!!! There are many useful and vulgar stuff which are popping up eveytime! Even if you use it in a positive way. My father doesn't allow me to use such websites. I think, Vshine is enough and it just ROCKS!!!!!! Soha
Jan 28th 2013
mathilda If u have a face book profile u don't have any privacy Mathilda
Oct 29th 2012
Emaan I TOTALLY agree with this topic, Fareeha. Facebook is addictive and even if you use it in a positive way, vulgar and useless stuff will keep popping up. Like bad pictures a friend has uploaded and it's very common that swear words are written in them, especially the MeMe cartoon comic pics. That's half because my mom doesn't allow me to make an account on FB till I'm twelve. And what's so special about Facebook anyway, it's CRAP! Emaan
Oct 27th 2012
Amna That's why my mom do not allow's me to come on facebook. Amna
Oct 5th 2012
sara Yeah ! Sara
Sep 7th 2012
rohma You are right and i dont have email ide but my father have in vshine i use my father ide Rohma
Aug 28th 2012
Maryam I Agree with you ash,every thing has some advantages and i am a daily fb user i can say that yes i am using it but not misusing it and me plus my so many friends are really not addicted to it,the people who are addicted are in low quantity...and yes every one must have self cntrol! bt its the best website for communication.besides it has so many advantages ..... if u will think towards its will see that it has many disadvantages but u must loook at its advantages too....not only me but i think most of the FB users are feeling happy becaz there old skul friends and family friends(who are out of country or city)are easily in touch with them :) so i think that everyone must look at the positive way ...... it has not depends totally on us how we use it =] Maryam
Jun 25th 2012
Amanda That's the point ! u should have self-control .. if a person is spending all day on FB , means he has no self-control, everything comes with disadvantages. Internet is also having so many disadvantages and less advantages.. u'r using internet and u have an account on V-shine, which means its beneficial for u isn't it ?and u have self-control so u'r not going towards the d-merits! similarly what a person need to do is watch himself and not to find disadvantages just go with the flow of advantages..! Amanda
Feb 17th 2012
fatima Very nice topic. Facebook is useless thing it is best for wasting time.and at least students of any age should not use it because it spoil their studies.i agree with you Fareeha. Fatima
Jan 14th 2012
fareeha I realize that facebook have advantages bcoz everythng has merits and demerits but commonly disadvantages of facebuk are more than its advantages.. bcoz most people are wasting their time but some of them are using it beneficially..... Fareeha
Jan 7th 2012
Anas It DEPENDS on how you use this website. I agree that people waste their time by chating and seeing what their friends are doing. But, you can also use it to gain KNOWLEDGE. You can do that by joining useful groups (like Islamic groups) and look at their posts as they can be really informative. Some of the things written are things that we might do everyday and don't even realize that they are WRONG! Anas
Jan 7th 2012
Mohammad Very good topic Mohammad
Jan 6th 2012
Ayeza You are right,Fareeha!that's nyc.....! And i think there are many people in Pakistan who are wasting time on this useless thing. Ayeza
Jan 6th 2012

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