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Huzefa Zahid Ullah Muhammadzai
Huzefa Zahid Ullah Muhammadzai
Edwards College School
My Beautiful Home Destroyed
Published On Jan 5th 2012
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I am a monkey. I have a brother, a sister and parents who live with me. I live in the Australian forests. I still remember this place in the past when it used to be full of trees. I used to play with my friends. We used to play different kind of games.
On my fifth birthday, I was going to meet my best friend when I saw that my friend’s home had been cut down. I went back home. The rest of the day was very sad for me. We all went to look for him. We couldn’t find him or his family. The next day when I was going to my other friend’s house I saw some humans on the way. I overheard them talking about making a road for which they would have to cut down through the forest.
I jumped tree to tree to my home to inform my parents. They thought I was just teasing them. They just ignored me. For the next few days I did not go out of my house because I thought if I leave the humans will cut down my house and I wouldn’t be able to find my family again. My mother was also getting worried about me. She said that I should go out and play. But after what I heard the humans talking about I would never go out of my home.
When my father came back home with some food he told my mother that I was really telling the truth. He had also heard the humans talking about cutting the trees.
Next day when I stepped outside, I saw that the humans had something in their hands. They put the thing in their hands on the tree and it started to cut the tree. First I thought to run back home but then thought to see what side they were going to. I hid behind a big tree. After cutting the tree they kicked it. It fell down with a very loud noise and the ground shook when it fell down. After that I went back. I told my mother that the people with the sharp cutting stuff were coming towards our home very fast.
When my dad came home he told my mother to pack all the stuff for leaving but no one agreed with my father except for me. But we had no idea where we would go if we left this home. We had no relatives. We were helpless. I tried to think over the night because I couldn’t sleep. But I couldn’t think of anything. I could still hear the humans talking. They put a lot of white lights so they could work over night. No one could sleep properly the next few days. The humans were making a lot of noise. I just wanted to have peace in the forest.
The next day big machines came into the forest and started to dig gigantic holes into the ground. Only two rows of trees were left until it was the turn of cutting down our home. The whole forest had no trees left except for some. I didn’t know what had happened to all my friends. I had not heard about them since a lot of days. I had no idea what to do. My father who was the head of the white monkey tribe called for a meeting. He told everyone that they were on their own and could go anywhere they wanted but had to leave the forest. My father had advised everyone to look for a new place to live. All the monkeys started to search.
While our parents were searching for a new place, me and my siblings were left in our home. When our parents came home, they told us that they had found a suitable place for living. We packed all our stuff looked at our house for the last time and left for our new home. Our new home was very far away from the old house. We had to travel for hours and hours each day.
One night while we were sleeping, my mother shrieked and woke up all of us. When we looked towards her, she was caught in a net and was struggling to save herself. While we were trying to save our mother, more nets came over us and caught us. We all struggled very hard but could not free ourselves. After a while the humans put us all in one cage. I was crying. My mother tried to calm me down. No one could do anything now. We were all alone. When we woke up in the morning, we found ourselves in a huge cage. There were a lot of other cages which had other animals in them. Little humans were pointing at us and throwing stuff at us. First these humans destroyed ours homes and now they robbed us of our freedom. I will always hate the humans for doing this to us.
By Huzefa Zahidullah Mohammad Zai
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