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Arshia Tahir
Arshia Tahir
Liaquat College
Brother Hood
Published On Jan 5th 2012
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In the Holy Quran Allah All mighty has given various explanations for unity and brother hood among the people.
It is mentioned that all Muslims are brothers of one another. This means that the way one brother loves his real brother cares for him like wise its obligatory for all Muslims to have spirit of love with one another. Through this act we can ensure peace and harmony in society and the country will undeniably thrive.
The religion Islam gives the teaching of brother hood. Fellows, what is brother hood?  It is the relationship through which one gets united with each other. Allah Almighty has sent his Prophets only to create the bond of brother hood between the people of the same tribe and of others also. There should be no difference between a Pakistani, Hindu, Arab, Non-Arab or Afghani etc. However, there should only be the fortitude of best character and religion.
There is no difference of races or cast between anybody, every body should be treated equally.
A rich person has to offer his five obligatory prayers and it is the same case with poor. However, there is no other option for rich and no injustice with poor in the religion Islam. Every body born in the religion Islam has the same obligations as his Islamic brother. Every body is told to follow the five pillars of Islam. One and all have to offers the five mandatory prayers, fast for one month each year, execute one requisite Pilgrimage and pay Zakat. 
Our Prophet Mohammad PBUH is the instigator of brother hood. After his migration to Medina he united the Ansars and Mohajirin in the acquaintance of brother hood. The Ansars of Medina were the second best example for maintaining the brother hood with their migrant brothers.
It is evident that the whole Muslim empire is a part of a body. If one organ gets hurts, its apparent for the whole body to feel its pain.
According to our Poet Iqbal it is mandatory for us to help the creatures of Allah and behave adequately to them and none of our prayers would be accepted if we won’t care for our Muslim brothers. 
During this time period, everybody is so busy even to look upon the fact that this all is very essential for us. We are so engrossed with the run of the life and our daily life work that we ignore this major aspect of life. We usually fuck of this thing thinking it’s useless. Isn’t so?
The foremost reason for the downfall of the Muslims is that they are being divided in races and cast. Previously, they were the Muslims who undertook the sword of success and defeated their enemies but now these new emerging powers have embarked the power of Muslims and are ruling the world by profiting themselves from the weakness of Muslims.
If we want our religion Islam and our beloved country to continue living and boom, so we are required to build unity and brother hood among our selves and make real sacrifices for our Muslim brothers and sisters.
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Arshia Thanks Sania Arshia
Jan 9th 2013
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Jan 26th 2012

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