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Fasih Zulfiqar
Fasih Zulfiqar
The Spell
Published On Jan 2nd 2012
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January 2012

Rank 7 Out of 10
A boy called Jimmy was miserable; he was 9 years old, studied in class 3. He lived happily with his mother and father. Most of the time his things were messed up instead of being at their proper places, his toys, his clothes and even his food were on the floor. So, Jimmy‘s mother always punished him for his mismanagement and disorder. Jimmy always complained that he forgot to put the things on their right places. But the truth was that he did not forget. He was so lazy that he did not put the things on their right places. One day Jimmy‘s mother severely punished him.  He decided that this night when his parents were asleep he would secretly take the money of his father from his wallet and straightly would go to wizard‘s house to buy the spell. The spell by itself would put all of his things at their right places. Jimmy knew that the wizard did not go asleep at night.  When the night came he took the money from his father’s wallet and opened the main gate of the house silently and went to the wizard. Jimmy stood at the front door of the black horrifying house of the wizard, Jimmy rang the door bell and after a few seconds the door opened by a tall but good looking wizard, this was the first time ever in Jimmy’s life to meet a wizard. As Jimmy thought that wizards were angry people but this wizard was a kind and friendly, this one welcomed Jimmy into his house and served him with some drink. After the drink Jimmy requested the wizard to give him the spell he decided to buy. The wizard found the spell. The bottle of the spell was covered with dust as if it was kept there for 10 years. The wizard rubbed the dust off it and gave the bottle to Jimmy; Jimmy examined the bottle the bottle was labeled “TO PUT THINGS AT THEIR RIGHT PLACES”. The wizard informed Jimmy that this spell would end by itself for a month. Jimmy paid the money the wizard requested. He was so much exited that he drank the bottle there. All of sudden he had no cloths on his body! His clothes were gone to his house and were put where they were used to. Jimmy hurried through the dark streets and finally came to the house. He remembered that the house’s key was in his pocket and he did not have his clothes it means that the key would be in pant’s pocket and pant would be in his room. Jimmy shouted to his parents and after a few minutes, his mother woke up. Jimmy told his mother about the location of the key, his mother was confused so she woke Jimmy’s father. After a few minutes his father found the key. The gate opened and Jimmy hurried to his room because he was naked. Whenever Jimmy tried to wear clothes in his room, he could not.  Jimmy started crying but he came up with an idea that if he wore his father’s clothes they would not go to their right places because they are of his father‘s, they would be too large to wear them. But it is better to wear them instead of being naked. The next morning he did not go to school because he cannot put on his uniform, cannot take his bag, and cannot take all of his stationery. At the first morning he went into his father‘s room and took some of his smallest clothes of his father. He wore the clothes and ate his breakfast. Jimmy explained his parents that what happened with him that he have taken his father’s money and now wore his father’s clothes. For one month he stayed at home and did not go to school, friends and relatives. After one month when he went to his school he was punished by his class teacher. After the dreadful month he always listened to his mother and he by himself always put the things at their places.  
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Comments 28
wafa Owesomexxx Wafa
Sep 25th 2013
Anam Congratzzz Anam
Sep 21st 2013
Tooba Really Really Awsum! Tooba
Sep 8th 2012
Feb 23rd 2012
Aiman Awesome,fantastic Aiman
Feb 22nd 2012
Kumail Good! Kumail
Feb 15th 2012
amna Very good Amna
Feb 15th 2012
Ahmed Superb story Ahmed
Feb 14th 2012
regulus It's perfect! I expected it to be another magical thing and all, but is was unique and different than others. Well done, Fasih! Regulus
Feb 12th 2012
MultiMan3000 It does not make any sense he had a miserable life but he lived a happy life Multiman3000
Feb 11th 2012
Wasia Well that's such a nice story n Congrats, that was a good decision by VSHINE....... Wasia
Feb 4th 2012
Laiba Congrats!!! Laiba
Feb 2nd 2012
Aamna Congratulation Fasih on being a winner of 2011. Aamna
Jan 31st 2012
Taimoor I like it, this story should be given the prize Taimoor
Jan 28th 2012
Aamna This story is nice and everyone don't forget to press like Aamna
Jan 27th 2012
fasih Thanks for the comments Fasih
Jan 27th 2012
Aamna This story should be given the prize, its a great story. Aamna
Jan 25th 2012
Urooj Very it:-p Urooj
Jan 23rd 2012
Aliza Na!!!!!1111 Aliza
Jan 20th 2012
Aisha Nice one... Aisha
Jan 20th 2012
fatima Lovely story.very nice idea!imaginative. Fatima
Jan 14th 2012
Laiba Gr88888 Laiba
Jan 14th 2012
Manahil Incredible.....must say.. Manahil
Jan 12th 2012
Momina Usama, i hate this thing that you r sayin; lame. its a silly word, 'n' hurts other peoples feelings. its a nice story, so show some respect. Mashallah its a great story. Momina
Jan 11th 2012
Usama Lame Usama
Jan 10th 2012
Aiman Awesome, gr8, excellent elaboration of ideas fasih well done Aiman
Jan 9th 2012
Ali GREAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Ali
Jan 9th 2012
Wajeeha Aswm! Wajeeha
Jan 8th 2012

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