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Ali Aleem
Ali Aleem
St Anthony's High School
Dogs, Cats And Mice
Published On Jan 5th 2012
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Once upon a time there was a king and queen of dogs and also a king and queen of cats. One day they declared war on each other. The war lasted for a thousand and one years with neither winning. So they signed a peace treaty that no dog or cat will ever fight again and the cat king put its toe in ink and signed the treaty and the dog king also signed the treaty and that was it. For safe keeping they put the treaty in an old house's attic in bags of potatoes. Now there was a dog that wasn't in the battle and did not know that the cats and dogs had made peace with each other so he bared his teeth at the first cat he saw and the cat said "Don't you know we have signed a peace treaty?" The dog said "Show me the peace treaty!" The cat took the dog to the attic, but alas! The mice had eaten the treaty along with the potatoes. Since then dogs chase cats because they consider them liars and cats chase mice because it was because of them the peace was over.
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Comments 25
Ali That story is copeid Ali
Nov 20th 2013
Anam Wowww but whyyyyy are you fighting????? Anam
Sep 21st 2013
Fatima Wowww and i agree with urwa Fatima
Feb 16th 2013
Ali Thank you very much for defending me Urwa, BUT, the truth is that I sent this story, ok you followin' me right? The story got accepted, still here? Vshin didn't get enough stories to put in the young writer's place, so they picked some from the site (I think it is true because I, at least, didn't send it to the mag), anyway they liked my story, made a few changes, got a few pics and TADA, a story ready for publishing. Again I DID NOT send it to the mag, ok? Ali
Feb 9th 2013
Urwa No, the fact is that this very story appeared in V Shine Magazine in the March 2012 edition. BUT, if you look properly, the story itself is written by Ali Aleem, 5th, Lagore, Pakistan. So Ali must have sent it to V Shine before and now posted it here. Urwa
Dec 7th 2012
Aiman Hey wait everyone that story is copied from the US magazine december edition 2010!!!! Aiman
Aug 31st 2012
Raniah Awsum! Raniah
Jul 26th 2012
Ali I do not know Ali
May 28th 2012
Undesirable No. 1 Does every one love to fight in vshine? Undesirable No. 1
May 21st 2012
FR NO.1 Exellent job Fr No.1
Mar 31st 2012
Ali A.O.A. Everybody this story is in the magazine of vshine march edition. Ali
Mar 19th 2012
ali It,s a really good story excellent job keep it up :) Ali
Feb 24th 2012
Ali Because I did not cheat and they are accusing me of cheating. Ali
Feb 6th 2012
Aiman Ok ok why are you all fighting? Aiman
Feb 4th 2012
Ali I DID NOT CHEAT!!!!!!!! Ali
Jan 30th 2012
fasih This story is cheated Fasih
Jan 24th 2012
Aliza I cn bet its cheated Aliza
Jan 20th 2012
Ali Aliza, I thought of it myself and its NOT so complicated. This is just a simple short story. Ali
Jan 19th 2012
Aliza Look! I think u r in 5 grade so, its cheated....coz u cant write so COMPLICATED onwe by yourself Aliza
Jan 14th 2012
Ali Momina, I did not cheat. I never heard or read this story before so do not call it cheating. Tell me where you have read this story before? Ali
Jan 12th 2012
Momina I have heard this story from somewhere and those who cheat things from books and mags should at least write that they cheated. Anyways, its a nice story. Momina
Jan 11th 2012
Ali Thx Ali
Jan 10th 2012
Jan 9th 2012
Ali I thought that this could be the problem why dogs chase cats and cats chase mice. Ali
Jan 9th 2012
Wajeeha Awesome, i love and somehow that story actually could be true! Wajeeha
Jan 8th 2012

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