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Owais Shaikh
Owais Shaikh
The Three Sons
Published On Jul 19th 2010
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Once upon a time there was a king he had a minister . After some years the minister retired and the king asked whom would you like to be a minister in your place  . The minister replied that i have three sons , the first son is very brave . The second son is very clever and the third son is truthful . The king said i want a proof about your sons . The next day the minister called for his sons and told them that there is a rose flower in the garden if you pluck one of the rose flower you will get a reward but be careful that if the guards caught you ,you will be send to jail . The sons went to the garden and plucked the flower. The guards saw them and caught the three sons . The first son kicked him and ran away with the flower. The second son hid the flower in his shoes . When the guards came to ask the second son he replied that he did not pluck it and ran away with the flower. But the third son was truthful , he was taken to the king . When the king asked why he had plucked the flower he told that his father told him to do so . The king became happy with the answer and called for the minister and told him that he was right . Then the king appointed the third son as the minister , the second son as advisor and the first son as the commander in the army.
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Comments 8
Sabeen Nice story Sabeen
Jul 4th 2017
Fatima Nice Fatima
Jun 19th 2017
Ayesha This story is has a great moral! Ayesha
May 29th 2017
Irza Nice Irza
May 8th 2017
Aamna I like your story Aamna
Dec 26th 2010
Munir Ahmed Siyal There is very good story and interesting I personally appreciate Munir Ahmed Siyal
Nov 13th 2010
Umair This story has a moral that be truthful because ALLAH Almighty loves the people that speak the truth! Umair
Aug 17th 2010
Aleeza Nice story Aleeza
Aug 15th 2010

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