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Abdur-rahman Feroze
Abdur-rahman Feroze
Al-mansoura International School
The Man Who Didn't Know English
Published On Jan 5th 2012
Total Comments : 38
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Once there was who didn't know english.He used to work for the king of ENGLAND.Every month the King used to call some of his workers and ask him three questions in order.The first question was"How old are you?The second question was"For how long are you working for me?"The third question was"Are satisfied with amount of salary i am giving you and are satisfied the way i am treating you?"Every worker when asked these questions used to say their age and for how long they worked for him and then said "both"Because they were satisfied with their salary and treatment.This man's turn to answer the questions wasnear so he asked his friend what he should tell.His friend told him that after the first question he must say "22"because he was 22 years old.for the second question he should say "9 months" and for the last quetion he must say both because he was satisfied with his salary and treatment.Finally the day came when the King called him.This time however changed t6he order of the questions.First he asked"For how long are you working for me?"The man replied "22 years".Then the king asked him "how old are you?"The man said"9 months".The king was astonished.He asked"Are you a fool or am i a fool?The man replied '"BOTH"

The End
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Comments 38
afifah Good:) Afifah
Jul 26th 2013
Laibah Mathilda its not impossible ! Laibah
Jun 16th 2013
Omer very funny Omer
Apr 7th 2013
Omer Hahahahahahaaaaaaaaaaaa...........very funy Omer
Apr 4th 2013
 яυмαιsα You have a lot of grammatical mistakes plus it is an absolutely cheated idea and written by yourself. яυмαιsα
Feb 20th 2013
mathilda Its nice but it is impossible Mathilda
Nov 13th 2012
Muhammad Hassam NICE.................. Muhammad Hassam
Aug 14th 2012
fareeha You should study in ukg book cheater lolz.......... Fareeha
Jul 14th 2012
aqsa LOL Aqsa
May 23rd 2012
Directioner Forever AWESOME....:):):):):) Directioner Forever
Apr 19th 2012
fareeha Hey...Dont write boring jokes I hate them. Fareeha
Apr 16th 2012
ayesha Hahahahaha nice one;D Ayesha
Mar 18th 2012
ASMA Wonderful///////////////// Asma
Mar 17th 2012
AFNAN Hahaha...... Afnan
Feb 21st 2012
HAMNA Ha ha Hamna
Feb 16th 2012
@@F!y@ Bwaaaaaaaaaaaaaahahahahahahahahahahah LOL's :D @@f!y@
Feb 5th 2012
amna Cool Amna
Feb 5th 2012
Ayesha Very Funny-BUGS BUNNY hAHAHAHAH Ayesha
Feb 4th 2012
Zoya Very funny but tooo long Zoya
Feb 4th 2012
 яυмαιsα Old joke! яυмαιsα
Feb 3rd 2012
ahmed Gud ] Ahmed
Feb 3rd 2012
Urooj Absulotelyy fuNNNy...........its just s00000000000000000000 amazing,.......<3it............:-) Urooj
Jan 24th 2012
bakhtawar That was like a hilarious little story! Bakhtawar
Jan 22nd 2012
Zuhaa Lol hahahahahahahahah v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v.v..v.v.v.v.v.v. funny Zuhaa
Jan 20th 2012
Saba Gud Saba
Jan 20th 2012
Momina Awesome Momina
Jan 16th 2012
Muhammad Jokes are usually good to learn something but this one is very nice & lengthy jokes keep it up................ Muhammad
Jan 16th 2012
fatima Hahahaaaaaaa very funny Fatima
Jan 12th 2012
Aiman FUNNY ONE Aiman
Jan 11th 2012
Hadia Hahahaha................ Hadia
Jan 9th 2012
Jan 9th 2012
Affan Funny! Affan
Jan 8th 2012
Laiba Funnyyyyyyyyyy.......... Laiba
Jan 7th 2012
fatima Extremely funny! Fatima
Jan 7th 2012
eleen Good Eleen
Jan 7th 2012
Ghumaisa Jokes are usually short but this one was a good one! Ghumaisa
Jan 6th 2012
maryam Nice Maryam
Jan 6th 2012
Ibrahim So long but good!! Ibrahim
Jan 5th 2012

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