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Shafaq  M
Shafaq M
My New Year's Day Diary
Published On Jan 5th 2012
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1st January, 2011
Dear Diary,
Today is New Year’s Day; you know when the old year ends and the New Year starts and you are supposed to welcome it by celebrating. Well I am not in a mood to celebrate. I am very sad because 2011 is gone. Gone forever.
I wish I could make time stand still but then I would be 11 years old forever. Today I was reading some magazines and almost every magazine had New Year resolutions. But the question that was coming to my mind was that why write New Year resolutions.
Now you would think I am crazy because it is common sense. The answer is that these are a list of things that we will try to do next year. But that is exactly my point. Why make a list of things that we don’t follow?
Like if I wrote the following in my New Year resolutions:
    * I will not tell lies
    * I will try to mind my own business
    * I will try not to bite my nails
    * I will try not to be lazy by exercising instead of sitting in front of the television.
    * I will try not to tease my brother
You and I both know very well that I will be telling lies for the rest of the year. As for minding my own business you’ll probably be hearing everyone telling me to mind my own business. And you’ll see me biting my nails while watching television. As for exercising when you’ll ask me how I spent my day I will reply by watching television. And if you’ll come to my house for a day you’ll see me teasing my brother. So now you know what I mean by not following it.
Why waste our time writing things that we don’t follow. I mean it’s pointless. I will probably write the same things the next year, the year after and so on. The way I see it we should either make a list and follow it or not bother to write.
See you tomorrow        
Shafaq Mansoor Nami 
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Comments 8
Amanda Well i would say that u need to focus on what u write for ur new year resolution.. atleast u would try to drop all the bad habits..You're more likely to slip on your goals when you're stressed or overwhelmed, so spend time every day to getting out of your thoughts and reconnecting with yourself. nothing is impossible and iam sure u know the saying "the word impossible is found only in the dictionary of fools" Have Fun! Amanda
Feb 17th 2012
Afifa Your right i would also do like that Afifa
Jan 22nd 2012
fatima You are absolutely right! why we make resolutions when we don't follow them.and your article is amazing.very nice! Fatima
Jan 14th 2012
fatima You are absolutely right! why we make resolutions when we don't follow them.and your article is amazing.very nice! Fatima
Jan 14th 2012
Anas In my opinion, I think we should set this goal by days, rather than "years" because by days, we remember our goals. And my goal is always to prevent myself from "Baddeeds" and when I do it, always ask for forgivness from Allah. Anas
Jan 12th 2012
Ahmed Mansoor Great! Wow!!!!!!! Ahmed Mansoor
Jan 10th 2012
Urooj GrEEatt i luv it.......ur style is absultely right......amazingg.....keep it up:-) Urooj
Jan 9th 2012
Ghumaisa Excelent article!you are just right. Ghumaisa
Jan 6th 2012

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