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Urooj Usmani
Urooj Usmani
Sms Aga Khan School Karachi
Wise Person Never Speaks Truth.
Published On Jan 6th 2012
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This is the proverb indicating both to wittiness and selfishness of a wise person. It’s amazing when we say that
"children and fool always speaks the truth"
Have u got the message. The message is clear that older and wiser people never speak it.
Yes! My dear friends.
Wise people never speak truth. As the poet said beautifully
          When I look into your eyes
          I just see thousand of lies
          You can never hide
          I can know what you have inside
Truth and reality are what critics call our ideas. Whenever we have a new idea we often have to create a new truth that people can believe.
Telling truth is a very difficult task where as telling lie is a easy one. So usually people prefer to speak lie. But if we try to speak truth it is not as harder as we have considered as the poet said
        Nothing forces you to not tell the truth
        Believe me if you say it, you will never lose
       Just give it a try
       You will never regret, never sigh
       Ask yourself the question why?
       Can’t you live without telling a lie?
But nowadays usually wise people tell lies just because of their own worldly goal. They become selfish and rude for their benefits. Politician and lawyers are the best example who tell GREAT lie very fluently and just to grab the attention of other people they speak lie.
Every human make errors. Wise men also make errors but the quality which makes him wise is that they cover and hide their mistakes beautifully with the help of lies.
So we can conclude that we should not make lie part of our life and try to speak truth.
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Comments 18
hafsa Did a gr8 job can see ur effort! coooo!!!!!!!! .............i wanna see ur pik!!!!!!!:D Hafsa
Jul 9th 2012
Amanda I must appreciate..! You really did it well.. Amanda
Feb 17th 2012
Namra Big reality. Namra
Feb 16th 2012
Urooj We can be frnds.......:-p maria..... Urooj
Jan 31st 2012
Maria Urooj can we be friend? I send u a friend request accept it and I saw your profile you are same like me. u love creative things like me, u r talkitive like me, u like commenting but u r n class 8 and I am in 7th when how old r u ? Maria
Jan 29th 2012
Urooj ThankZZzxxX...........:) Urooj
Jan 27th 2012
Dua Very Nice !! Dua
Jan 26th 2012
Urooj HeY where izzZ everyb0dy.........:-):):):):):):) Urooj
Jan 24th 2012
Urooj ThanZZXXXX f0r the kind worDsssZZ 0f appreciation laiba n tasbiha..........its NOt my piCCccCCc ............:-) Urooj
Jan 15th 2012
Laiba N ix dix ur pic???? If it'x amazing..... Laiba
Jan 14th 2012
Laiba Yup!!!!! UrooJ, I agree wid Tasbiha that u r very talented. May God bless ur dis ability!!!!!! Laiba
Jan 14th 2012
fatima The best article i have ever read in my entire live.for me you are a winner.your article force me to comment.and i comment it is fabulous+true+great+adorable+splendid and many other words.(you are very talented) Fatima
Jan 14th 2012
Urooj Ur rite........but this the QUote ........of which Ive written d0wn the wh0le thing........thAnkxXxX f0r liking.....:-) Urooj
Jan 10th 2012
Azka If someone lies, he or she has no right to be called 'wise'. If they would've been wise, they would never choose to lie, instead they'd prefer saying the truth......and yeah, good job, Urooj, u presented it really well!!! Azka
Jan 9th 2012
Urooj Yeah i have written it by myself......n thanxx for apreciation.....:-) Urooj
Jan 9th 2012
rahila "Thank you for the great article! I enjoyed it very much, Good luck with your work! :) Rahila
Jan 8th 2012
javaria Awsum! did u write ur self? Javaria
Jan 7th 2012
Urooj PlzzZ c0mmments..........:-) Urooj
Jan 7th 2012

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