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Shazma Iqbal
Shazma Iqbal
Pakistan International School -al Khobar
Published On Dec 23rd 2011
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Comments 16
LyeBa Fantastic n vry gud Lyeba
Sep 3rd 2012
Daim Pakistan scenery is much beautiful then this Daim
Mar 5th 2012
Bint waseem Nyc!!!!!! Bint Waseem
Jan 3rd 2012
shazma Thank you all.I am doing well because of your comments. Shazma
Jan 2nd 2012
 wareesha YOU ARE RIGHT MARIA:) Wareesha
Jan 2nd 2012
Laiba Beautiful Laiba
Jan 2nd 2012
fatima Yes you are absolutely right maria.and great drawing shazma! Fatima
Jan 2nd 2012
Maria Wowwwwwww our country Pakistan is look like this scenery hmmmmmmmmmm . Am I Right friends ? Maria
Jan 1st 2011
Hadia A very beautiful drawing Hadia
Dec 29th 2011
shazma Thanks but i think it needs a little more work!!!!!! Shazma
Dec 28th 2011
Pivak Its realy nice :) Pivak
Dec 28th 2011
aimun PREETY Aimun
Dec 27th 2011
Aliza Yyyyyyuuuuuuuuuuuwwwwwwww Aliza
Dec 25th 2011
 wareesha Wonderful Wareesha
Dec 24th 2011
Namra Nice Namra
Dec 23rd 2011
syeda Wooooooooooooow Syeda
Dec 23rd 2011

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