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Hasan Rehman
Hasan Rehman
Sunflower Cambridge School
Published On Jul 9th 2010
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Honesty means being fair in every thing we do in our life.Islam teaches us to be honest in all our dealings.It may be in trade,business or in relations with others.Our Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) was very honest and liked honesty.People called him Al Ameen.The Holy Prophet (P.B.U.H) said,"A person who has no honesty, has no Iman".It is said that "HONESTY IS THE BEST POLICY".An honest person is respected and trusted by everyone.Making good use of our time,giving due importance to our work and studies and keeping our promises are some ways of being honest to ourselves.As good Muslims, we must all try to be honest in our everyday life.
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Comments 6
HBN Ameeeeeeeeeeeeeeen!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hbn
Aug 26th 2010
Zukhruf Yes, honest people are loved by everyone.May Allah make all of us honest and enter us in Jannah. Zukhruf
Aug 22nd 2010
Hasan Thanks Ibrahim Hasan
Jul 16th 2010
Ibrahim Very good effort Hassan Ibrahim
Jul 15th 2010

everyone likes honest people n i too@

Jul 10th 2010

mashallah, keep it up , and all of us should act upon the sayings of prophet [p.b.u.h]

Jul 10th 2010

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