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Arshah Waseem
Arshah Waseem
The Educators
A Wonderful Experience
Published On Jul 6th 2010
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Every one has a memorial time or day which they cannot forget for their whole life not only because they enjoyed in that specific period or time but because that time is special to them. I too have a memorial time which is very special to me till now.

WHEN MY PARENTS LEFT FOR HAJJ. M y parents were planning to offer hajj as my youngest sister was old enough to stay with me but they were a little confused because she was only 3 years old and they were not able to decide that they should go or not as whenever we started to talk about hajj she always started to cry. In fact she refused to go to school too. And when her teacher saw her behavior and attitude she asked my mother not to talk about leaving her for at least a month. Well that really worked out and we did all the planning silently. while she thought that they are not going to hajj .well my parents were to leave at 3’oclock at19 november2009.till the last minute they were showing me the things that where the money is for lunch, and where its is for fruits and vegetables I was writing it all in a diary .I was mentally prepared that they are going and I can take care of myself, my sisters and the house .Well they left and we engaged ourselves in our work.

Well my experience starts from here when I had the responsibility of everything. I had to keep good care of my sister because of the harsh cold so whenever we were to go outside I had to dress up in warm clothes and see that she is wearing a sweater, socks and she applied lotion etc .these were my responsibilities towards my sister but they were not a burden on me as I used to do this all in the presence of my mother. Apart from that I had to give her a bath and see that the food she is eating must not be spicy so for her my mother freezed some food which was according to her taste. I was keeping care of my sisters and I was also coming to school regularly. And we were also given specific duties like watering the plants, dusting etc

Our daily routine was planned by my mother like when should we wake up etc .after a few days we bought our cow and goat which my sister didn’t like because of its color but she enjoyed a lot with it. On Chandraat I applied mehendi on her hands which she in turn applied on the old bed sheet well I tucked her in bed and after changing the bed sheets and cushion covers I too went to sleep. In the morning I first dressed her up and sent her upstairs to my grandmothers house and than I got dressed. We all went up and captured photos and ate “sheerkhurma” which is a special dish of Eid .After the slaughtering of the cow and goat the real job started which was to make packets of meat according to the names my mother wrote in the diary .we enjoyed a lot on Eid

A few days after Eid on 7th December my parents were coming but as the flight was of night and it was very cold so I just gathered out all the sweaters, socks, and gloves and warm shoes .we all went to the airport to welcome them but we all were shivering due to cold so we packed ourselves in the car until the first passenger came out well my parents were the last one to come. Until they came the sun started to peek out and we reached home at 7’o clock am and we all fell asleep.

This was a brief sketch of my “wonderful experience” which I cannot forget till my whole life
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Arshah u have done a great job.I THINK IT WAS SO AMAZING!!! N plz comment my article LIFE IN KARACHI........!

Jul 7th 2010

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