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Javeria Anis
Javeria Anis
Foundation Public School
When You Wish Upon A Star
Published On Dec 9th 2011
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Once there lived a little girl named Desi who was only three years old when her father died. Desi's mother move to live with her parents. Desi doesn't understand what has happened as she is not very well aware of the circle of life and only refers to herself in the third person. Desi's grandmother has the idea of helping Desi write a letter to her father. They leave the letter at her father's grave, and every day Desi waits for the postman to bring her a reply. However, when the letter is returned to them, Desi's emotional and mental state worsen. Desperate, Desi and her mother go to the carnival with a local pilot, where Desi is given a balloon with a picture of a mermaid on it. Desi's grandmother has the idea of attaching a letter to the balloon and sending it to Heaven.

4000 miles away, a man duck hunting on the Mermaid River outside the town of Mermaid finds the balloon. Touched by Desi's letter, he and his wife reply. Upon receiving their letter, Desi begins to recover and the two families form a bond.

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Comments 25
Uswah So sad and cute story! :'( brings tears to ma eyes! :( Uswah
Jul 14th 2013
LyeBa Nyc 1. Lyeba
Nov 3rd 2012
... =) ...
Apr 2nd 2012
khushbakht Nice Khushbakht
Mar 16th 2012
ayesha Nice story Ayesha
Jan 25th 2012
javeria But you know Dua it is a true story!! Javeria
Jan 24th 2012
Mezab Oh dats a sad story:( Mezab
Jan 23rd 2012
fatima Can any one tell me how much time does any thing take to be published? please because i have sent millions of things and they are not publishing them............. Fatima
Jan 11th 2012
Wajeeha Yes V SHINE is publishing stories but u need to email them! Wajeeha
Jan 9th 2012
fatima Hey friends is vshine publishing stories,articles,jokes and drawings??????????Mine are not publishing Fatima
Jan 8th 2012
 wareesha Interesting Wareesha
Jan 5th 2012
fatima Dear Vshine, Why are you not publishing stories, jokes, articles and drawings? Please tell... Fatima
Jan 4th 2012
Momina HAPPY NEW YEAR! Momina
Jan 1st 2011
Arshia I had sent a tons of things too V SHINE to post.. but they aren't posting anything... i am waiting to be winner the second time MR.V SHINE Arshia
Dec 29th 2011
Zahra Anyone knows that why vshine is not publishing??? it is publishing only comments. Zahra
Dec 28th 2011
Aliza Yeah aamna !thats true vshine is not publishing story.....thats strange! Aliza
Dec 25th 2011
Zahra Gud!! Zahra
Dec 24th 2011
javeria Thanks Aamna and sorry i don't know! Javeria
Dec 24th 2011
Disenchanted. Fatima, i also heard this story... anyways u r right!!!BTW!! I love ur story Javeria!!! Disenchanted.
Dec 22nd 2011
Aamna Nice story did you know that why v shine is not publishing story Aamna
Dec 22nd 2011
fatima A Man was Polishing His Car His 4-year old Son Scratched lines On Car by Stone! In Anger, Man hit hammer on Son's hand. Child lost all fingers! CHILD:- "Dad when will My fingers grow back?" Man was hurt & Speechless! He went back, Kicked car & saw- Child had Written...... "LOVE U DAD" Man Committed Suicide...... ANGER & LOVE have no Limits! Always Remember- "Things are to be USED & People are to be LOVED" But int this world "People are USED & Things are LOVED!!" STRANGE But TRUE :) Fatima
Dec 15th 2011
Areeba VErY NySh :)) Areeba
Dec 13th 2011
Aiman Ok Aiman
Dec 13th 2011
Aliza Its ok Aliza
Dec 12th 2011
Hafsah Nyc Hafsah
Dec 10th 2011

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