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Syed Muhammad Usman Ali
Syed Muhammad Usman Ali
Waves Grammar School
Contentment Is Everything
Published On Dec 8th 2011
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Hundreds of years ago, there was a king who has thousands of sq. km of land under his rule but he was never happy because he was envied by many of the other people and kings of other regions. He was surrounded by a number of enemies and had no contentment in his life.

One day, when he was passing through a jungle with his soldiers and other courtiers, he saw an old man with shabby clothes sitting beneath a tree, beside a house of wood and leaves. He saw that the old man was very calm and relaxed. He asked him," Hey! I am the king, but I never stay relaxed as you even in this worst condition, why?"
    The old man replied," I am happy because i am having a simple life. I have nothing which i can loss or which can be stolen, so I am unafraid. I don't have extra money or any sort of thing from which the people get envied of me, that's why I am so relaxed and in contentment, "he continued, "On the other hand, you have plenty of money and properties that's why you have so many people who are jealous of you. You Have every thing but you don't have such a contentment and The King was impressed by the old man and offered him to become his minister but the old man refused and said, " If I will become your minister, many other people then tried to replace me and they would start evil plan against me, so I am happy with my simple but contented life, thanks for your offer."
  The King went away after saying, "I have every thing but in fact nothing, because i don't have contentment."

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Comments 9
Emaan Nice Emaan
Apr 4th 2012
Undesirable No. 1 Awwwww poor king!! Undesirable No. 1
Feb 10th 2012
Urooj Its realy nyc........m0ral is really g00d,.......:)) Urooj
Jan 23rd 2012
amna Hmmmmmmmmmmmm nice Amna
Dec 29th 2011
Zahra Great story!!!! Zahra
Dec 28th 2011
Syed Thanks For your appreciation .. Actually it is my first story ever i write anywhere :-))) Syed
Dec 13th 2011
Aiman Excellent Aiman
Dec 13th 2011
shayan Short story but keep it up. Shayan
Dec 12th 2011
usaidkhan GOOD STORY Usaidkhan
Dec 10th 2011

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