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Javeria Anis
Javeria Anis
Foundation Public School
Despair (about Earthquake Victims)
Published On Dec 8th 2011
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I kept asking for help,
Screaming for help,
At the top of my voice,
But no one helped me,
No one believed I was in need of help,
And then exhausted in despair I sat back,
Stopped screaming,
Believing no one would ever
Come to help me,
Staying back the way I was,
No more asking for help,
I lay down,
With all my energy lost,
And then someone came,
Telling me to get up and run,
Unable to even sit up,
Stared at the person,
Who kept telling me to get up and run,
And then many people came,
Some telling me to sit up,
Some telling me to stand up,
Some telling me to run,
And then all telling me to run,
And I, who was unable to even sit up,
Felt hopeful,
And believed I was being rescued,
Stretched my hand for
Someone to lend me support,
And what I saw was many people around me,
All screaming,
With their hands tied on their backs,
The foolish one,
Who thought they were there to support me,
Got to know that,
Their support was nothing but a mock,
Only words,
And no action,
And then I,
The foolish one,
I would never get any help,
And the next moment I lay their dead.
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Comments 4
LyeBa Fantastic ......:) Lyeba
Nov 3rd 2012
javeria Thanks! Javeria
Dec 22nd 2011
alina Fabulous...!!!! Alina
Dec 19th 2011
l Well written.... L
Dec 11th 2011

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