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Hamza Danial
Hamza Danial
The Stolen Ring
Published On Dec 5th 2011
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December 2011

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Ahhh! A scream came from downstairs. It was mom. I asked her what happened. She told me that the ring that dad gave her was stolen. I was shocked because none of mom’s things were ever stolen and now standing in front of a crime scene. Mom was about call the police but I stopped her “let me solve this please” I said. “Okay but I am counting on you” mom said. On that day I promised that I will find it and return it to my mom even if my life was at stake. After saying that heroic dialogue I got on the case. I asked the neighbours if they had any info on the crime scene. They told me that they saw a man wearing a black suit going in the house. Now it was confirmed that it was stolen and not lost but stole it? Maybe that man wearing the black suit now another question arises. Who was that man? Solving a real mystery was quite hard but now that I have started a mystery I will have to get to the bottom of it. I went home and searched for clues. I found this strange bag that had HM written on it. I didn’t know what it meant but I knew that it was the thief’s bag because no one had a bag like that in my house. What a careless thief even left his bag in the victim’s house. I finally thought out the meaning it meant horror mansion. Now I know where to go. I need to go to horror mansion and Insha Allah I will find the robber and retrieve the stolen ring. Some people say that unholy spirits and the souls of suicides live in the horror mansion but I don’t care I will go there and no one can stop me because I remember the promise that I made to my mother. I finally reached the horror mansion. I went in. I saw a lot of creepy things over there such as creepy mirrors and especially creepy clowns, trust me I almost wet my pants but you know me I didn’t give up. I kept on looking for the culprit. Suddenly I heard a huge laughing noise. I followed the sound and it led me to a room. I peeked from the door and I saw a big strong man and unfortunately he saw me. I ran and ran and he ran after me but he was to slow to stop me. I brought a cell phone just in case, and now it was the time to use it. I called the police number 911 they picked but the man saw me calling he wanted to stop me but he just couldn’t reach me. The police arrived in a few minutes.  I called them in but that man he was gone literally he vanished in thin air. Believe me we searched the entire mansion and we couldn’t find him but he left my mother’s stolen ring. I was correct he was careless, but I knew he would come back and I will be there to stop him.
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Comments 20
Soha InshAllah!! Soha
Feb 6th 2013
Urooj Waooo0 its reallly interesting coz of mystry but u can add some more adjectives t0 make it.........n congrates/............although im late:-p Urooj
Jan 23rd 2012
Manahil Fair!...... Manahil
Jan 12th 2012
ayesha Hey vhsine..when will i recieve my gift???????????????????????????/ :'((( Ayesha
Jan 11th 2012
fatima For me it is very nice and congratulations! Fatima
Jan 8th 2012
Syed Congratulations Buddy :) Good Job ..! Keep it up ..! Syed
Jan 8th 2012
javaria Co0l! congrates Javaria
Jan 7th 2012
Usama Incomplete Usama
Jan 2nd 2012
Hamza Thanks alll who appreciated my story Hamza
Dec 31st 2011
Shafaq Awesome story! Keep up the good work! Shafaq
Dec 30th 2011
Ahmed Mansoor Interesting story! Great job! Ahmed Mansoor
Dec 30th 2011
amna Wowwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwwww what a nice story Amna
Dec 29th 2011
Hamza It was a joke made longer Hamza
Dec 29th 2011
Imtiaz Nate! the great, u did a great job. Imtiaz
Dec 28th 2011
saamia IT WAS A KIND OF STORYJOKE WITTEN BY A CLOWN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Saamia
Dec 27th 2011
nighat I liked it. Good job by a small kid. Nighat
Dec 27th 2011
Dec 13th 2011
Hafsah Was this a joke or a story?????????? u would written as a joke..... but nyc Hafsah
Dec 12th 2011
sarah I really like it but it is nice and like a joke Sarah
Dec 11th 2011
usaidkhan Was this a joke or a story???? Usaidkhan
Dec 10th 2011

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