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Syed Muhammad Usman Ali
Syed Muhammad Usman Ali
Waves Grammar School
Published On Dec 8th 2011
Total Comments : 29
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Comments 29
Undesirable No. 1 That's fabulous by the way XD the "dRaWinG" But the fight is more fabulous!!!! :p Undesirable No. 1
May 15th 2012
Daim Usman plzz dnt get hurt by negative comments your drawing is really nice Daim
Mar 5th 2012
Syed You R Right .. We Have stopped Fighting Now :) Syed
Jan 3rd 2012
Aliza Hey guyz!!!!!!!! i think u knw that VSHine is not awebsite for fighting............ jst chill................if this drawing iz copied so..........???? i knw that it can be done in photoshop..plz dnt fight. nd happy new year to all. Aliza
Jan 1st 2011
aimun SPLANDED Aimun
Dec 30th 2011
Syed Haha Ok Ok I am a little child, I don't know about Photoshop and I also can't make this Drawing so I Copied it from internet .. okay ?? Happy Now ??? :D Syed
Dec 29th 2011
 wareesha Everybody stop fighting PLZ PLZ !!! Wareesha
Dec 29th 2011
Maria I think u r a little child I used photoshop and i know about photoshop better than u and i think u like fighting syed usman Maria
Dec 28th 2011
Pivak Hy guyz please dont fight... u all r right :p Pivak
Dec 28th 2011
Syed After these as many spiny comments, I think everyone's attitude would be like that !!!! Think yourself in place of me and then read all the comments (especially those comments on which I Reacted). Syed
Dec 26th 2011
Aliza DNT B SO RUDE!!1 Aliza
Dec 25th 2011
Saba Nyccccccc awesummmmm Saba
Dec 24th 2011
Syed Zohan No problem ;P Syed Zohan
Dec 21st 2011
asma You can draw good drawings but with your ideas Asma
Dec 18th 2011
Syed Hey Zohan .. Its "USMAN" not Salman yaar Syed
Dec 15th 2011
Mahnoor That's nyc!!!! Mahnoor
Dec 15th 2011
Syed Zohan :P.Syed Muhommad Salman Ali Syed Zohan
Dec 14th 2011
Syed Hey If this is a computer wallpaper or anything else which you guys are saying then it can easily found on internet .. So its challenge .. Find it wherever u can find then give me the link .. @Maria I think you are a little child who just see photoshop being used by your elder brother or sister, ask from him they can tell you about the brushes of photoshop or you can even search the brushes on google .. Don't criticise without having knowledge. Syed
Dec 14th 2011
Maria I use photoshop but u edit this pic and then u used photoshop Maria
Dec 14th 2011
Aiman Its a computer wallpaper Aiman
Dec 14th 2011
Syed My Brotherrr !!!!! I meant that I used different type of brushes .. If you ever used photoshop than you may know about the brushes of photoshop .. Syed
Dec 13th 2011
Syed Zohan Means you dosenot draw any thing:P Syed Zohan
Dec 12th 2011
Hadia Its really nyc if u have drawn it Hadia
Dec 10th 2011
Bint waseem ITS AMAZIN!!! Bint Waseem
Dec 10th 2011
Manal If u have Drawn this .. so it looks so Realistic :) Manal
Dec 9th 2011
Syed Hey Zohan !! I saw many of your drawings drawn through MS PAINT ..... So I use photoshop and made it "didn't copied or steal it from anywhere or Edit any picture" .. Got it ???? Syed
Dec 9th 2011
syeda Superb Syeda
Dec 9th 2011
Dec 8th 2011
Syed Zohan What is this don't make fun of vshine by doing this Syed Zohan
Dec 8th 2011

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