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Wajeeha  Binte Sajid
Wajeeha Binte Sajid
Pakistan International School (english Section)
Answer My Riddle!
Published On Dec 8th 2011
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At night they come without being fetched and in the morning disappear without being stolen!! What are they??

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Comments 39
Nuzhat Stars and moon Nuzhat
Nov 26th 2013
Uswah Stars Uswah
Jul 21st 2013
Soha Stars, of course! Soha
Dec 8th 2012
alveena Aisha your pic is super cute Alveena
Aug 20th 2012
Ali Stars obviously Ali
Jun 20th 2012
Asma Mosquito Asma
May 14th 2012
aimun STARS Aimun
Feb 16th 2012
fatima Stars!!!! Fatima
Feb 7th 2012
Anas @Rizman.. just like you ... lol ;) Anas
Feb 4th 2012
Wajeeha Correct Answer: STARS Wajeeha
Feb 3rd 2012
charming Stars.... Charming
Jan 26th 2012
Haleema Nice stars!!! Haleema
Jan 21st 2012
eleen Staaaaarrrrrrrsssssss Eleen
Jan 7th 2012
Rizwan Stars,I think most people looked at the answers and then answered. Rizwan
Jan 5th 2012
Ayesha Good one[stars is the answer] Ayesha
Jan 4th 2012
Usama I think u should tell the answer in the riddle Usama
Jan 2nd 2012
muhammad Owls Muhammad
Dec 26th 2011
jariah Nice riddle Jariah
Dec 25th 2011
Zainab Stars .. ! Zainab
Dec 24th 2011
Wajeeha The correct answer is STARS Wajeeha
Dec 21st 2011
Manal Stars .. Old 1 dear =p ;P Manal
Dec 21st 2011
Dec 19th 2011
Zahra It can be dreams also because stars don't go any where we cannot just see them in the day. Zahra
Dec 18th 2011
shayan Star of course Shayan
Dec 16th 2011
Dec 16th 2011
Maryam Aisha,the SHADOWS disappear at night!!!!!!!!!!!! Maryam
Dec 15th 2011
ahad Stars Ahad
Dec 14th 2011
Aiman Stars Aiman
Dec 14th 2011
Wajeeha Yes you all are correct, the answer is stars. Wajeeha
Dec 12th 2011
usaidkhan Stars Usaidkhan
Dec 10th 2011
javeria Stars Javeria
Dec 9th 2011
javeria Star Javeria
Dec 9th 2011
simra Stars obviously Simra
Dec 9th 2011
Wajeeha The Answer is STARS NOT SHADOWS!!! Wajeeha
Dec 9th 2011
AISHa Shadows , simple! Aisha
Dec 9th 2011
syeda The answer is star Syeda
Dec 9th 2011
mahnoor Stars Mahnoor
Dec 9th 2011
mahnoor Stars Mahnoor
Dec 9th 2011
l Stars L
Dec 9th 2011

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