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Ayesha Jawed
Ayesha Jawed
The City School
A Visit To Madinah
Published On Dec 8th 2011
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When Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was six years old, his mother Aminah decided to take him with her to visit his uncles in Madinah, which was known at that time as Yathrib.
Yathrib was situated in the midst of volcanic hills in the Hijaz region of western Saudi Arabia about 100 miles (160 km) inland from the Red sea.
In its early days, it was an oasis famed for the dates from its palm groves.
It was a long journey by caravan, but young Muhammad (Peace be upon him) enjoyed meeting his cousins, playing with them and learning to swim.
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) and Aminah enjoyed the pleasant climate and the company of their relatives for a month.
but tragically, on the journey back to Makkah, Amainah fell ill and died.(The Prophet Muhammad's father died a few months before his birth)
Little Muhammad returned home with Amanah's maid, Barakah.
The Prophet Muhammad's grandfather, Abd-Muttalib, adopted him and took care of him.
Abd al-Muttalib loved Muhammad (Peace be upon him) dearly, and felt sure that he would one day be a great man.
All the time that Abd-al-Muttalib sat near the kabah speaking words of wisdom, Mohammad (Peace be upon him)  remained by his side .When Abd-al-Muttalib fell sick two years later, Muhammad attended to his faitfully
When his grandfather died, Muhammad (Peace be upon him) was adopted by his uncle, Abu Talib.
Muhammad (Peace be upon him) become part of Abu Talib's large family right away, and was his uncle's favourite.
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Comments 7
hurriya NICE Hurriya
Feb 5th 2012
Arshia I was in city school ayesha Arshia
Dec 21st 2011
Ahmed Nyc Ahmed
Dec 16th 2011
Laiba Really Nice Story!!!!! Laiba
Dec 15th 2011
Aiman Excellent story obviously its the story of our beloved prophet P.B.U.H Aiman
Dec 13th 2011
Hafsah NICE STORYY Hafsah
Dec 12th 2011
usaidkhan Nice story nobody liked this what a shame Usaidkhan
Dec 10th 2011

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