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Khubaib Ullah
Khubaib Ullah
Aps Mardan
Who Found
Published On Dec 3rd 2011
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Teacher: Maria please point to America on the map.
Maria: This is it
Teacher: Very good, now class who found America.....
Class: Maria did
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Comments 17
Emaan Giggles!! Though I gotta admit I think this is copied. Ah, it's your choice! Emaan
Jul 12th 2012
ayesha Hummmmm......:( still searching for good jokes..... Ayesha
Mar 18th 2012
eleen copied but lolzzz Eleen
Jan 7th 2012
Usama Repeated joke Usama
Jan 2nd 2012
@@F!y@ It is a decade old joke but still dont matter if u read it once more. i like it @@f!y@
Dec 27th 2011
Zahra Really nice joke and it doesn't matter that it was in v.shine magazine it was new for me Zahra
Dec 24th 2011
Affan It has to be Christopher Columbus but it's a joke! Lol Affan
Dec 24th 2011
Ushna Hey! it is not a cheat .Good jokes are repeated again and again.This joke has been published in many magazines before vshine. Ushna
Dec 23rd 2011
Disenchanted. Maybe he thought that we all did not know so he published it!!! Disenchanted.
Dec 21st 2011
khubaib I told u i didnt n if u dnt believe me jst go 2 hell Khubaib
Dec 17th 2011
syed Its good and it doesnt matter if its from v shine Syed
Dec 14th 2011
khubaib No actually i didnt the truth is i read it in a magazine wich i dont remember bt it wz nt vshine Khubaib
Dec 14th 2011
Omer You are copy it from vshine......ohhhh very bad....... Omer
Dec 11th 2011
Dec 9th 2011
usaidkhan You cheated this joke from the old magazine of vshine Usaidkhan
Dec 4th 2011
Wafa You are a cheater as ou cheated this joke from the old magazine of vshine Wafa
Dec 3rd 2011
Wajeeha This was in the V Shine magazine but still its gud! Wajeeha
Dec 3rd 2011

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