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Abeera Farhan
Abeera Farhan
Sadequain Grammar School
Published On Dec 2nd 2011
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What always runs but never walks, often murmurs, never talks, has a bed but never sleeps, has a mouth but never eats?
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Comments 21
Tooba River Tooba
Mar 24th 2015
qurratul Hahahahahahahahaha! Qurratul
Jul 4th 2014
Amna Kay? Amna
Oct 4th 2013
abeera Yes the answer is river :) Abeera
Mar 19th 2013
ayesha I guess a river.... what else could it be? Ayesha
Mar 18th 2012
M. Hashir No one knows the answer. he,he ,he...... TELL US M. Hashir
Feb 21st 2012
M. Hashir Er...............RIVER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! M. Hashir
Feb 18th 2012
Ayesha RIVER or a JUCDEDIL Ayesha
Feb 4th 2012
m V M
Jan 29th 2012
eleen Water river Eleen
Jan 7th 2012
unaiza What is the answer? Unaiza
Jan 2nd 2012
Usama Easy but repeated joke Usama
Jan 2nd 2012
maryam River absolutely Maryam
Dec 15th 2011
mahnoor River Mahnoor
Dec 9th 2011
syeda River Syeda
Dec 9th 2011
usaidkhan River Usaidkhan
Dec 4th 2011
Wafa Dat's write aisha Wafa
Dec 3rd 2011
M River M
Dec 3rd 2011
Wajeeha A river! Wajeeha
Dec 3rd 2011
abeera No one knows the answer. he,he,he........ Abeera
Dec 3rd 2011
Aisha River..... Aisha
Dec 2nd 2011

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